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Babylon A.D

Babylon A.D quotes

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Sister Rebeka

View Quote Aurora: Siberian tigers went extinct in 2017. The last one died in the Moscow Zoo.
Toorop : What is she, a walking wildlife encyclopedia?
Aurora: They were clones?
Toorop : Second generation clones. Not real tigers. Copies of copies.
Aurora: But they're living creatures. Made by God.
Toorop : No, they were organic machines made by man.
Aurora: God made man in his, what man creates is also God's will.
Toorop : Is this what you teach her in the convent?
View Quote Aurora: There is no place like home.
Toorop: Well, Kansas ain't what it used to be.
[Reference to "Wizard of Oz"(1939)]
View Quote Aurora: Who is he? [Referring to the Fighter]
Sister Rebeka: He's a lost soul.
View Quote Gorsky: Cross me and you'll have no place to hide anymore Toorop
Toorop : It goes both ways Gorsky.
View Quote Sister Rebeka: I want to bring three simple rules to your attention before we start our journey.
Toorop : We? I'm here to pick up one girl
Sister Rebeka: Wherever she goes, I go. That is rule number one, Rule number two, the less contact she has with the outside world, the better. You're here to protect her from outside influences. That includes seeing, hearing and feeling.
Toorop : Now, it's a harsh world out there, Sister.
Sister Rebeka: I know. That is why we live in here.
Toorop : Shit. Okay, what's your third rule?
Sister Rebeka: No foul language. [Toorop looks over at Sister Rebeka disgruntled] Do we have an agreement?
Toorop : You listen to my one and only rule. Don't **** with me or I'll leave you standing in the middle of nowhere with nothing but your ass to sell to get back here. Your perfect world. Do we have an agreement?
Sister Rebeka: Obviously, you are not a gentleman.
Toorop : Obviously not.
Sister Rebeka: Now that we have an understanding, pick up the bags.
Toorop: No.
Toorop: Shit.
View Quote Sister Rebeka: It's good. Where did you learn to cook?
Toorop: Rule number one in the mercenary handbook.
Sister Rebeka: You never had a woman take care of you?
Toorop: Sorry, No, not in my line of work.
View Quote Sister Rebeka: Who is that?
Toorop: An old friend, a good smuggler
Sister Rebeka: You trust him?
Toorop: I don't trust anybody.
View Quote Sister Rebeka: Would you like to pray with me?
Aurora: I don't feel like praying anymore, Toorop said I'm just a package to him. Is that all I am to you?
Sister Rebeka: Of course not. I love you.
View Quote Toorop : You can never have enough firepower, Sister. In fact... [holds out a pistol to Sister Rebeka]
Sister Rebeka:I've never touched a gun in my life.
Toorop : Now would be the perfect moment to start.
Sister Rebeka: No, thank you. I can defend myself.
Toorop : Stay close, this is the real world. There's no mercy for the weak
Sister Rebeka: Just because we're peaceful, that doesn't mean we're weak.
Toorop : It does here.
View Quote Toorop: Now, how could she know how to operate a 30-year-old Russian sub?
Sister Rebeka: She's always known things that she never experienced. Aurora could speak when she was 2 years old.
Toorop: Yeah, but there are kids that can speak at 2 years old.
Sister Rebeka: Nineteen different languages?
Toorop: Who else knows about this?
Sister Rebeka: Nobody but the doctor. He told me to keep it a secret to protect her.
View Quote Are you really going to kill me and burn my body?
View Quote Finn: This goddamn global warming is bad for business.
View Quote He made me an offer I couldn't refuse. [Reference to the Godfather's "Ill make him an offer he can't refuse"].
View Quote I thought you were in Sudan, killing babies.
View Quote I told you if you ever point that gun at me again...I'd kill you.