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Babar: King of the Elephants

Babar: King of the Elephants quotes

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View Quote [while Babar, Celeste, Zephir and the children are going to a picnic]
Celeste: It will do you good. You need to get away for a little while at least. Take your minds off things.
Babar: But Celeste, I just can't relax. I can't stop thinking about Madame, and poor Cornelius. I should be there. [he and Celeste stop walking] Oh, what else can go wrong?
Celeste: There's nothing else you can do, Babar. Dr. Capalos said it will just take time, and you won't just help them by worrying. Now come on. Let's have a nice, quiet picnic with the children.
[Celeste holds Babar's trunk and they all kept walking. Later they all had nice, quiet picnic]
Alexander: I'm full.
Pom: Mmm, This is good.
Flora: May I have some more please?
Alexander: Me too.
[The ants carry bread crumbs as they enter the ant hill. Pom watches the ant colony going inside their home]
Babar: [laughing] I've got ya! [chases Flora and Alexander] Here I come! [Flora and Alexander run to a bush] Flora...
[Babar chases Flora and Alexander around a bush]
Pom: Look out!
Babar: I've gotcha! Oh!
[Babar keeps chases Flora and Alexander. Zephir and Arthur went to a lake]
Frog: Ribbit. [sits on a rock] Ribbit.
[The frog jumps into the water. Zephir and Arthur looks around the lake and look at each other. Babar keeps chasing Flora and Alexander until he goes into the bush]
Pom: Hey.
Flora: Where'd he go?
Pom: Papa?
Flora: Where are you hiding? Papa?
[Babar sneaks out of the bushes. Celeste is cleaning up everything]
Babar: [sighs] You were right, Celeste. I think we all needed this.
Celeste: Why don't you go and do a bit of fishing? That always helps you relax.
[Babar picks up the last plate]
Celeste: I'll finish tidying up. [put the last plate inside the basket] Now go on.
[Babar smiles happily]