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Tony Stark: [While pulling] Is he under? Don't let up.
Mantis: Be quick. He is very strong.
Tony Stark: Parker, help! Get over here. [Spider-Man drops his web-line, and hurries to help Tony with the gauntlet.] She can't hold him much longer. Let's go.
[Star-Lord flies over to join the others.]
Peter Parker: We gotta open his fingers to get it off.
Peter Quill: [Stands in front of Thanos, tauntingly] I thought you'd be harder to catch. For the record, this was my plan. Not so strong now, huh? Where is Gamora?
Thanos: My... Gamora...?
Peter Quill: No, bullshit! Where is she?
Mantis: [Shocked] He is in anguish.
Peter Quill: Good.
Mantis: [Crying] He... he... he mourns.
Drax: What does this monster have to mourn?!
Nebula: Gamora...
Peter Quill: [Pause] What?
Nebula: [Realizing with horror and sadness what has happened] He took her to Vormir. He came back with the Soul Stone, but she didn't.
Tony Stark: [Grasps the danger immediately and de-helmets] Okay, Quill, you gotta cool it right now, you understand?
[Quill slowly turns to Thanos]
Tony Stark: [Shouting his pleads desperately] Don't, don't, don't engage, we almost got this off!
Peter Quill: Tell me she's lying. [Enraged] ASSHOLE! Tell me you didn't do it!
Thanos: I... had... to...
Peter Quill: [While starting to tear up; quietly] No, you didn't! No, you didn't! [He continues to rage and then pistol-whipping Thanos twice in the face, causing Mantis to let go in pain.] NO, YOU DIDN'T!
Tony Stark and Drax: Quill!
[Iron Man leaps for Star-Lord's arm, re-helmeting and leaving Spider-Man to pull off the gauntlet.]
Tony Stark: [To the struggling Star-Lord] Hey, stop! Hey, stop! Stop! Hey, stop! Stop!
Peter Parker: It's coming! It's coming! It's coming! [Getting the fingers completely loose] I got it! I got it–!
[Thanos wakes completely, now well and truly furious. He head-butts Mantis, grabbing the cuff of the gauntlet just as it is sliding off his hand, causing Spider-Man to stumble back, and then throwing Mantis away off his shoulders.]
Peter Parker: [Seeing Mantis with far too much air under her] Oh, God. [He jumps and wraps his arms and legs around her, extending his spider legs to form a roll cage for a safe landing.]

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