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Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman quotes

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Harry Archer
Honey Parker
KRKR-TV Commentator
Nancy Archer

View Quote Nancy Archer: My husband!... My gigolo! That's what you are. You're a miserable parasite! You're just after my money! I was rid of you once. Why did I take you back? Why? Why?
Harry Archer: Why did you, Nancy?
Nancy Archer: Why?... because I love you, Harry!
View Quote Dr. Heinrich Von Loeb: How long will the morphine be effective?
Dr. Isaac Cushing: No telling with the size of her body.
View Quote Harry Archer: I should never have agreed to go back to her once we were separated.
Honey Parker: Why did you?
Harry Archer: You know why. I couldn't pry a nickel out of her. That community property routine only works of women! A man hasn't got a chance!
Honey Parker: Unless the wife dies. [He looks around in shock] I didn't say anything.
Harry Archer: You were thinking it!
Honey Parker: Not the same thing.
View Quote Honey Parker: You're the deputy, do something!
Deputy Charlie: I can't shoot a woman!
View Quote Jess Stout: [about the Sheriff's gun] You're not going to use that on her, are you?
Sheriff Dubbitt: What do you want me to do, put salt on her tail?
Dr. Isaac Cushing: She will tear up the whole town until she finds Harry.
Deputy Charlie: And then she'll tear up Harry.
View Quote Sheriff Dubbitt: Oh, Charlie. Go get the riot gun. We're taking a ride out to the desert with Mrs. Archer.
Deputy Charlie: Right. Why the heavy artillery, Chief?
Sheriff Dubbitt: We're looking for a satellite and a 30-foot giant out on 66.
Deputy Charlie: A 30-foot giant? Oh, no.
View Quote I know where my husband is! He's with that woman!
View Quote Ladies and gentlemen, this is KRKR-TV. And now, more news of high fliers. Nancy Archer, the former Nancy Fowler, heir to the Fowler fortune and the fabulous Star of India diamond, has joined the ever expanding international circle of satellite seers. Mrs. Archer claims not only to be seeing a sociable satellite, but also its inhabitant, a 30-foot giant. It seems that Mrs. Archer, who has been feuding with her husband, Handsome Harry, has found a man from out of this world, someone who will love her for who she is. Is he pink with big ears and tusks? Come, come, Mrs. Archer. Any man can resist a million dollars, but fifty million? That's too much to ask for, even from the man in the moon.
View Quote Now you pulled a boner tonight and you know it.
View Quote You know everyone's seeing satellites these days.
View Quote You know what our problem is? We both have the same disease: money, and happy ways of spending it.
View Quote You know, you're going to flip your lid just one time too many with me, Nancy.