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Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here quotes

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Ann August
Susan Sarandon

View Quote Adele: You're not having sex with anybody are you?
Ann: What?
Adele: You know.
Ann: No, I don't know!
View Quote Ann: I hate my hair. I'm going to cut it all off.
Adele: Over my dead body.
Ann: Ok.
View Quote Ann: This is like being kidnapped, you don't understand that do you?
Adele: I wish someone had kidnapped me when I was your age
Ann: So do I.
View Quote Ann: You don't have a job in the Los Angeles school district.
Adele: I have an interview, and a great outfit.
View Quote Cop: Your mother is trying to beat a ticket.
Ann August: Oh give her one. She already has a drawer full of them.
View Quote Even if you can't stand her, even if you hate her, there's some mystery about my mother.
View Quote He said not to ever do that to me again. He said that if you do he'll have you taken off to prison and locked up and you'll never ever see me again, and you'll have to eat ice-cream on your own. (speaking to her mother after she tried to blame a parking ticket on her wanting ice-cream which she did not request)
View Quote I'll always have a place in my heart for the Los Angeles Police Department.
View Quote Mom, Mom! I'm sorry but you have to understand I was just doing an audition. They wanted me one would even know it was you... You know every morning I wake up and I don't even want to be here. Who would wanna be with you? You're just a crazy, middle aged, unemployed woman with a, with a child to support. Why can't our lives just be normal?
View Quote She is doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons. (speaking about her character, Adele, on the Anywhere But Here DVD)
View Quote That summer I turned seventeen... and started planning my escape.
View Quote You know what? I'm really hungry and it's not like we're not at Denny's. So, if someone comes in and sees me eat duck à l'orange, who knows what effect it'll have on my life?