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King Mongkut: I have never danced with a English woman before.
Anna Leonowens: Nor I with a king.
Beebe: How was the King compared to the other Englishmen?
Anna Leonowens: He was charming, very charming. I don't think I will ever forget, how he held held his hand out to me, like I was...
Beebe: One of his 26 wives?
Anna Leonowens [A bit distraught]: Thank you Beebe, I never thought of it in that way.
Beebe [Knowingly]: Prehapes you should.
Prince Chulalongkorn: Son of teacher forgets that I am son of King.
Louis Leonowens: Son of teacher couldn't care less.
Anna Leonowens: Louis, remember what I told you.
Louis Leonowens: I'm sorry Mother, but he started it.
Prince Chulalongkorn: In my country, man never tell a woman he is sorry. If you had father, you would know this.
Louis Leonowens: You don't have a father, you have a map.
[Louis pushes the prince.]
Anna Leonowens: Louis!
Prince Chulalongkorn: It is forbidden to touch royalty.
Louis Leonowens: I didn't touch you — I shoved you. Why don't you get one of your servants to shove me back?
Louis: Moonshee, why does the king have so many wives?
Moonshee: That is an excellent question — For your mother.
Anna Leonowens: Lord Bradley, may I have a moment?
Lord Bradley: I'm afraid a moment is all we have.
Lady Bradley: We're leaving on the next boat, and so should you.
Anna Leonowens: My place is hear.
Lord Bradley: Your question?
Anna Leonowens: Are the British behind these Burmese attacks?
Mr. Kincaid: Stick to teaching, Ms. Leonowens. It's clear that you know nothing of pollitics.
Anna Leonowens: I know that Burma would never make a move without Englands blessing.
Lord Bradley: Preciseley. But, if our economy was threatend, then it would be our duty to protect our intrests.
Anna Leonowens: Our economy?! Our intrests?!
Lady Bradley: The ways of England are the ways of the world, my dear.
Anna Leonowens: Yes, a world that I am ashamed to call my own!
Lord Bradley: You forget yourself madam. Now if you will excuse us.
[They turn to leave]
Anna Leonowens: No, I will not. You toasted him! You praised him for his learnings! And all the while you were planning to take the throne from him!
Lord Bradley: Well, you should do well to remember your own self, next tine you are cheek to cheek with the king!
King Mongkut: If Alak crosses the bridge, everything I love will die.
Anna Leonowens: But they are only children!
King Mongkut: Yes, and heirs to the royal throne.
Anna Leonowens: What will you do?
King Mongkut: We will blow up the bridge.
Anna Leonowens: Will that work?
King Mongkut: It will, if he is on it.
Anna Leonowens: Your Majesty, promise me, promise me I will see you again!
[King turns and looks at Anna]
King Mongkut: If your Bible is correct, then the world was created in seven days. Who is to say that four men can not stop an army?
[The King puts his hand on Anna's cheek, then walks away.]
Louis Leonowens: Mother, look! The king is standing on the bridge.
Anna Leonowens: What!?
Louis Leonowens: And he is surronded by thousands of men!
King Mongkut [Coming back alive]: Why did you not take everyone to the monastary like I orderd!?
Anna Leonowens: Becuase, your Majesty, I already lost one man to the jungle, I wasn't about to let it happen again.
Anna Leonowens: (Gazing at the King on a balcony): What?
King Mongkut: I wonder, if it would be proper, to have the honor to dance with school teacher.
Anna Leonowens: I have danced with a king before.
King Mongkut: As have I with a English woman.
[They start to dance, and he pulls her close]
King Mongkut: I never thought, before this moment, Anna Leonowens, that a man could be satisfied with just one woman.
[He kisses her hand, and they dance closer.]

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