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Animal Farm (1999)

Animal Farm (1999) quotes

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View Quote Jessie: Napoleon, I want to see my puppies.
Napoleon: No Jessie, you can't see your puppies.
Jessie: But... they're my babies.
Squealer: If you were thinking clearly, then you would be pleased at the special education that we're going to give them. You surely don't want to disadvantage your own puppies. Do you?
Jessie: No.
Squealer: Good.
Jessie: No, I don't.
Squealer: Well, off you go then.
Jessie: They still need their mother.
Squealer: Hhmm. Her sadness will spread to the other animals.
Napoleon: Mmm, not if we distract them.
Squealer: Yes.
View Quote Jessie: Oh!
Boxer: Oh, what is it?
Jessie: I think it's my time.
Boxer: You're dying?
Jessie: No, puppies.
Boxer: Puppies? Puppies! Quick, what do we do?
Snowball: Steady now, Boxer. Let's get Jessie back to the barn.
View Quote Moses: What's going on? Leave him be! Leave him be! [flies down] Thou shall not kill.
Jessie: He was hurting Boxer.
Moses: But, no animal can ever attack a human.
Jessie: No human should ever hurt an animal.
Mrs. Jones: [shouts] Jones!
Boxer: [turns] Oh.
Mrs. Jones: WHERE ARE YOU?!
Boxer: Jessie! Jessie, go! Quick!
View Quote [Boxer gasping]
Jessie: Here, try to drink some water.
Boxer: Yes, yes I will.
Squealer: Mmm, any improvements, hmm? Our leader is going to make arrangements to have his most loyal worker treated in hospital.
Boxer: Thank... you.
Squealer: Now... back to work!
Jessie: But, but I don't think I should leave him.
View Quote [Narrating] Free? Life had been far from free in our hideout. Seasons came and went, and we waited. The years passed, we grew old, but we still waited. Waited for what surely must pass. Waited for Napoleon's cruelty and greed to bleed the farm to death. And now with the coming of the storm came the first signs that our wait was over. It was time for us to return to that place that had once been full of such hope. I wondered if anything was still alive. I knew in my heart that Napoleon had fallen. A victim of his own madness. But what of the others? After all we'd been through, I needed to believe there was still hope. Could this be the same place? Where Old Major had spoken of his dream? Where we had worked so hard for a better life? All that was left was a memory and the pain of the poor creatures who had suffered. My heart sank. But there are always survivors.
View Quote [Narrating] It was a storm of judgment. For years, we had been hiding from oppression. Hiding from Napoleon's spies. But now nature was washing away the disease. I always knew, as with all things built on the wrong foundations, the farm would one day crumble. At last, the wait was over. The poisonous cement which held Napoleon's evil dream together was being washed away. I could taste it in the water. I was old, I was almost blind, but I can still remember.
View Quote [Narrating] Our windmill was ruined. Our spirits were at their lowest. But, Napoleon seemed... triumphant.
View Quote All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
View Quote I've no wish to take life. Not even human life.
View Quote I... I can work harder.
View Quote My puppies had become Napoleon's servants. Snowball was banished, and Napoleon took control.
View Quote The only good human is a dead one.