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The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie quotes

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King Leonard Mudbeard
Mighty Eagle

View Quote MIGHTY EAGLE!!!
View Quote Baby Bird: DADDY!
Red: [sarcastic and Baby Bird running and through on costume talking] Stop it! No, I'm not your Daddy! [Baby Bird giggling]
View Quote Billy the Sign: [Is in front of anger management class building and is rocking back and forth.] Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. [Red is starting to get furious.] Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. [Red cools down.] Ha, ha ha. [Red pushes the sign, but it comes back up and hits him. He then cools down again.] Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha.
Red: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH! [attacks Billy] You think that's funny. Ha ha ha. This is funny! [Throws the sign but it flies back to him] Uh-oh! [attacking continues]
Billy: Ha ha. [Looks up at Red.] Ha!
Red: What? [Throws and breaks the sign, and then puts it back.] Hmm?
Helene: Don't look, Bobby. [Bobby chuckles] The anger might be contagious. [Bobby waves at Red.] Let's go. [Helene pulls him away from Red.]
Red: He started it.
Red: [puts the smile sign back on Billy] There you go. Uh-huh.
View Quote Bomb: [to Chuck and Mighty Eagle] I blew up... on purpose!
Leonard: You're wrecking my house! What's wrong with you?!
Red: You wrecked my house!
Leonard: Your house was ugly!
Red: Well, now we're even!
[The chandelier that Red and Leonard are on begins to break and the bird and fall through several rooms of the castle. They fall through a room where a pig is holding a sandwich. Red and Leonard fall through, taking the pig's sandwich down with them. A pig playing bowling throws a bowling ball as Red and Leonard fall through causing all the pins to fall to the ground]
Bowling Pig: STRIKE!
[Red and Leonard continue falling until they land in a room filled with dynamite]
Matilda: [rushes through the village with the other birds] Run, run! [sees a van approaching them] Guys, look out!
[The van stops and a gun pops up and aims at them]
Matilda: Everyone, stand back!
[The birds begin to whimper. The window rolls down, revealing Terence as the driver]
Matilda: Terence? [Terence give Matilda a thumbs up] Put on your seat belts, everyone. Trust me.
[Matilda closes the van doors. The pigs throw plungers and the van drives away, causing the pigs to chase after them]
View Quote Chuck: [gasps] HE'S ALIVE! [a bird runs]
Mighty Eagle: HE'S ALIVE! [Red sighs and pours wine and "feeds" the wine to the egg. Red gasps]
View Quote Chuck: Launch me exactly the same way you did for Red– [Terence launches him to the castle with the slingshot] AAAAAAA! I wasn't ready! Faster! [uses his speed ability to get inside the castle, gulps and exhausted sigh, grunts then he flies through rooms filled with kitchen utensils, hoops of fire, cacti, and pigs fighting with swords until he hits a wall. Chuck exhausted sigh]
Red: Chuck, is that you?
Chuck: [Sobbing] This is the house of horrors.
Red: [to Chuck] I gotta be honest, you look a little– [Chuck with a wall] Fine! You look, fine! Come on! (Uh, where's–?)
Chuck: [teeth by wall Red] (If you're wondering,) Bomb's on his way.
View Quote Chuck: Sounds a lot like you.
Red: [sarcastic] Oh, good. Thank you for your opinion, Chuck. [Bomb laughing]
View Quote Chuck: [sarcastic] You go out there and you show them how frightening Mime's can be!
Bomb: Yeah!
Mime: [Bomb launches him to the tower with the slingshot] OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!
King Mudbeard: [Sings] ♪ We're having a feast, we're eating the eggs, gonna have a big feast... [Mime screaming] ...We're gonna eat all the e– ♪ [as a tower crashes] [gasps] WHAT?! [with then King Mudbeard's] What is that? [Mime's then he flies as tower crashes with the falling to get inside]
Red: FIRE!
King Mudbeard: That guy again! [Grunts]
View Quote Chuck: [Stella's in with then hits] To the left!
Bomb: [gasps and stammers] Ho...! Hold on... Hold on, wait! My left or your left?
Chuck: [Groaning] Ugh, my left is your left. We are facing the same direction!
Bomb: Right, good call.
Red: Just look where the last bird went and adjust from there.
Stella: I got this, you guys. [Bomb launches him to the pigs with the slingshot, Stella's uses her speed ability to get inside, bird went call honest house, grunting and pig's and the Stella screams slow-motion, normal in Stella grunting and falling then she flies through until she hits a shatters, Stella coughs and pigs gasp]
Red: She got far, but not far enough!
Stella: Uh-oh! [A pigs plunger for facing where bird]
View Quote Hatchling: Hey, hey! [Monica hums. Red hums sarcastically. Hatchling blows raspberry sticks tongue out at Red sticks his tongue out back. Lifts her flag, Hatchling laughs only to put it right back down. Red gasps and grunts, an old lady bird named Shirley starts walking across.]
View Quote Judge Peckinpah: HOLY MOLY!
[The fireworks popping and he him with Terence chuckles as everyone cheers]
Matilda: YEAH! WHOO-HOO!
View Quote Matilda: Wow, that's very lifelike! [Bomb chuckling and paint splashes, Bomb stops and chuckling. The as he falling down. Bomb grunting, Matilda gasps] So, deep? [Bomb chuckles and grunting] And Terence, let's see your–
[Terence growls as he paint color]
View Quote Mighty Eagle: MIGHTY EAGLE!! [grunting] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH…!!!
View Quote Mighty Eagle: MIGHTY EAGLE! [smashes into the Piggies castle, but clumsily lands and smashes his head on the golden pot.]
Red: Mi– Mighty Eagle! Mighty Eagle, wake up! [runs over to Mighty Eagle and slaps his eye with his tongue] Come on! [grunts] You've got bad breath!
Mighty Eagle: [weakly] I can sleep late, Mom. It's not a school day.
View Quote Mighty Eagle: Oh, look. He's blushing!
Red: I'm not blushing, I'm just red.