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The Angry Birds Movie 2

The Angry Birds Movie 2 quotes

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Mighty Eagle

View Quote Leonard: Ha, ha. We're in! Oh, my goodness gravy.
Chuck: I wanna see.
Leonard: No. Hold on!
Chuck: I just wanna see.
Leonard: We don't have time.
[Note that an eagle is watching them]
Leonard: Uh-oh.
[The eagle lays his spear on the ground and seems to have unmasked them but then starts to dance and then makes a sign]
Bomb: What? What's happening?
Leonard: I think he's challenging us to a break-dance battle?
View Quote Leonard: Hello! Oh. [Red screams and slams the door] Look, Red, I know we've had our differences.
Red: Oh, like when you tried to eat our young?
Leonard: [passes his head out the window] I come in peace. [Red throws a mirror in his the face] Ouch. [Red pushes him away] Aah! Look, I don't want to see your face any more than you want to see mine. We're all in danger!
Red: Yeah, from you.
Leonard: No, we have a truce. Didn't you get my note? It was on a balloon.
Red: Oh, yeah, that's right. You wanted to talk.
Leonard: This is not how a truce works.
Red: Just say what you gotta say and then get out. [tightens the rope]
Leonard: [squeals in pain] Red, we've discovered that there's a third island and they're plotting to destroy us all.
Red: A third island? Give me one reason why I should believe you.
Leonard: Haven't you noticed any strange objects falling from the sky, giant balls of ice?
View Quote Silver: It didn't work?
Red: I don't get it.
Zeta: [laughs] Of course it didn't work. Laughs even more You all must really love your islands to risk your lives trying to save them. Well guess what - I don't care, because this right here is ICE COLD, BABY!!
Red: NO!
Mighty Eagle: ZETA!!!
Zeta: What?
Mighty Eagle: WAAAAITTT!!!
Zeta: What, what?
Silver: Mighty Eagle!
Mighty Eagle: Yeah! [Every eagle gasps, except Zeta] I'm the cause of all this. I ran out on you on our wedding day, and ever since then, you've been tormented inside!
Zeta: Right now, this is when you choose to do this?
Mighty Eagle: So take me, not these islands.
Zeta: You have got some FLIPPING NERVE!!
Mighty Eagle: I know. I ripped your heartstrings right out!
Red: That's it! Super String!
Silver: What?
Mighty Eagle: Has a burning hole in your sanity!
Zeta: Set yourself free.
Silver: Okay, I'm seeing it! Yeah.
Mighty Eagle: Go ahead! Do your worst to me! I deserve it!
Silver: Chuck!
Zeta: [furiously kicks Mighty Eagle in the face] You think this is about you, Ethan?!
Leonard: Ethan? Oh!
Zeta: That is so hilarious/embarassing/I hadn't thought about your fat butt in 20 years!
Mighty "Ethan" Eagle: Wait, what?
Zeta: You are a lazy, uncoordinated, fish-eyed fool! You ain't worth the salt in your bread. You are nothing! You are nothing to me! I don't think about you AT ALL!! I don't think about your stinky feet! I don't care about your rusty hands! I don't think about your rusty elbows..
Mighty Eagle: [interrupts Zeta] Wait! So you have or you haven't thought about me?
Zeta: News Flash, bro! I am over you, I am over this place, and I'm ready to get that upgrade situation going for me, and my daughter!
Debbie: Hey. [everyone, except for Debbie, gasps]
Zeta: Well... our daughter. [Debbie gasps]
Mighty Eagle: What?
[Everyone else gasps]
Glenn: Dios mio!
Seal: WHAT?!
Debbie: That's my dad!?
Mighty Eagle: I have a daughter?
Zeta: Yes, you do! And I raised her all by myself in this icy wasteland! But now, I'm gonna be sipping Pina Coladas on those warm tropical islands, LIKE I DESERVE TO!!
View Quote [during the speed dating session]
Silver: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Red: Um, to disappear, like, right now.
Silver: Okay. What do you do in your free time?
Red: Yeah, I mean, I don't really have any free time. I kinda protect Bird Island from being attacked, and that's a full-time gig, so yeah.
Silver: I thought I heard something about a truce.
Red: Ha, ha! No. A truce, no. That's not gonna last.
Silver: You'll have a lot more free time now that nobody needs you anymore, so–
Red: Okay. We are done here.
Silver: Are you afraid to talk about your feelings?
Red: You know, just because I don't want to talk about them doesn't mean I'm afraid.
View Quote [Momb: Bomb, what was that noise?! You're still grounded!] I'm an adult, mom! [to Red and Leonard] Run!
View Quote [as she takes her dog, in a block of ice, for a walk] Come on, baby. Go get it. Let's Go get it! Go get the stick!
View Quote Fire another ice ball! Leonard / King Mudbeard
View Quote Guys, this is my sister, Silver.
View Quote How long does the invisibility last for? [Garry Pig: Forever.]
View Quote I eat dirt.
View Quote I just don't think this is gonna work.
View Quote I'm done. I'm done living on this frozen, seal infested, iceberg of an island.
View Quote There goes my toothpaste. I am tired of this.
View Quote Yeah, I'm just gonna... [takes the keycard]
View Quote You can always count on... [hits a rock]