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Robert Langdon: Shouldn't you be in Rome? Kind of a busy time for you guys.
Claudio Vincenzi: In fact, I was in New York.
Claudio Vincenzi: You wrote a book on it.
Robert Langdon: Which is why you're here.
Claudio Vincenzi: "The Art of the Illuminati, by Robert Langdon"
Robert Langdon: Part One. I haven't been able to finish Part Two because I'm not allowed access to your archives.
Robert Langdon: Oh, yes. Pope Pius IX's Great Castration.
Ernesto Olivetti: I beg your pardon?
Robert Langdon: 1857. Pope Pius IX felt the male form would inspire lust, so he took a hammer and chisel and "un-manned" hundreds of these statues. The plaster fig leaves were added later.
Ernesto Olivetti: Are you Anti-Catholic, Professor Langdon?
Robert Langdon: No. I'm anti-vandalism.
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: Mr Langdon, you are correct that I may grant you access to the archives.
Robert Langdon: Thank you, Padre.
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: I said that you are correct that I may, not-not that I will. Christianity's most sacred codices are in that archive. Given your recent entanglement with the church... there is a question I'd like to ask you first, here, in the office of His Holiness. Do you believe in God, Sir?
Robert Langdon: Father, I simply believe that religion......
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: I did not ask you if you believe what man says about God. I asked you if you believe in God.
Robert Langdon: I'm an academic. My mind tells me I will never understand God.
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: And your heart?
Robert Langdon: Tells me I'm not meant to. Faith is a gift that I have yet to receive.
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: Be delicate with our treasures.
Cardinal Ebner: Conclave will go on without us. It must, now of all times. May God forgive you for what you've done.
The Assassin: Father, if God has any issues, they won't be with what I've done. They'll be with what I'm about to do.
Ernesto Olivetti: Where did you get that?
Vittoria Vetra: We borrowed it.
Ernesto Olivetti: You removed a do****ent from the Vatican archives?
Robert Langdon: She did it.
Robert Langdon: If you care at all about your church, you'll listen to me.
Commander Richter: My church? My church comforts the sick and dying. My church feeds the poor. What does your church do, Mr. Langdon? That's right. You don't have one.
Carabinieri Officer: Professor Langdon, I insist I must take you back to the Vatican.
Robert Langdon: The Vatican is about to see its fourth cardinal murdered tonight! Now, look. You can do as they say and force me to go back to the Vatican, where we can all mourn his death together, or you can show how real cops act, and take me to Piazza Navona, where we might still be able to stop it!
[The two Carabinieri officers start talking to each other]
Robert Langdon: Oh, by all means, let's talk it over!

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