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Frank Lucas quotes

View Quote It's chaos. Every gorilla for himself.
View Quote The man I worked for ran one of the biggest companies in New York City for almost fifty years. I was with him every day for fifteen of them, looking after him, taking care of things, protecting him, learning from him. Bumpy was rich, but never white man rich. Why? Because he didn't own the company. He thought he did. He didn't. He only managed it. Someone else owned it. So they owned him. Nobody owns me. Because I own my company. And my company sells a product that's better than the competition's at a price that's lower.
View Quote What matters in business is honesty, integrity, hard work, loyalty, and never forgetting where you came from. You are what you are and that's one of two things. You're nothing ... or you're something. Understand what 'm saying?
View Quote That basically the whole picture right there.
View Quote [To Trupo]'Detective. There are some things you don't do. This is one of them. Not on a man's wedding day.
View Quote Brand names mean something, Nicky. Consumers rely on them to know what they're getting. They know the company isn't going to try to fool them with an inferior product. They buy a Ford, they know they're gonna get a Ford. Not a ****in' Datsun. Blue Magic is a brand name; as much a brand name as Pepsi. I own it. I stand behind it. I guarantee it and people know that even if they don't know me any more than they know the chairman of General Foods.
View Quote I do pay them, I pay them all. Cops, accountants, lawyers, who don't I pay? Everybody. I pay them a fortune, it doesn't matter. It doesn't satisfy them. The more you pay, the more they expect. You can't start with them because they can't stop. It's like dope. They always want more.
View Quote This is my home. My country. Frank Lucas don't run from nobody. This is America.
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