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[Last lines: Dave, the Chipmunks and the Chipettes are flying home; Dave tries to put the chipmunks' tiny suitcases in the overhead locker]
Flight Attendant: I'm sorry, sir. That's full. We're gonna have to gate check those.
Dave: [sighs] Are you gonna charge me $25 a bag?
Flight Attendant: Of course not, sir. It's $25 for the first bag, and $40 for each additional bag.
Jeanette: [shivering in her seat] I'm a little chilly, would you mind adjusting the vent?
Simon: But of course.
[Simon jumps up to adjust the vent, but pushes a book before Brittany aside while landing]
Brittany: Oh, you wrinkled my business magazine!
Simon: Heh, sorry.
Brittany: [pushes book aside revealing a magazine with herself on the cover] Guess I'll have to read this. Oh, she's pretty. Oh wait, that's me.
Dave: Alright, head count.
Theodore: [appears wearing a monster costume made out of a bag] BOO! [roars until Dave removes the bag] You like my jungle monster costume? Eleanor made it for me.
Eleanor: Yeah! Out of the barf bag!
Dave: Yeah, nice. [tosses bag aside and does a head count] Where's Alvin?
Alvin: [over intercom] Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking: we're cleared for an untimed departure for Timbuktu. If Timbuktu is not for you, please alert the flight attendant by pressing your call button.
[The passengers do so]
Dave: Alvin...
Alvin: [frantically] Thank you for choosing Air Alvin, uh...enjoy your flight!
Flight Attendant: Sir, please return to your seat, we're about to take off.
[Alvin jumps off the food cart, accidentally pressing the release lever]
Flight Attendant: Sit, now!
Alvin: Uh-oh.
Dave: But he–
Flight Attendant: Sit!
[The cart rolls down the aisle]
Dave: No, no, no! [The cart crashes into him] ALVIN!! [Alvin smiles nervously; the plane takes off]

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