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Multiple Characters quotes

View Quote Dennis Hope: If you think that Mick Jagger will still be out there trying to be a rock star at age fifty, well, then, you are sadly, sadly mistaken.
View Quote Dennis Hope: I didn't invent the rainy day, man. I just own the best umbrella.
View Quote Ben Fong-Torres: A Mo-Jo, it's a very high-tech machine that transmits pages over the telephone! It only takes eighteen minutes a page!
View Quote Ben Fong-Torres: You're not out there to join party. We've already got one Hunter Thompson.
View Quote Ed: [as the band's plane is having trouble] **** it! I'm... I'm gay! [[plane levels off']]
View Quote Estrella Starr: [about Penny Lane] She changed everything. She was the one that said "No more sex. No more exploiting our bodies and hearts." Just blow-jobs, and that's it!
View Quote Elaine Miller: [to William] Your Dad was so proud of you. He knew you were a predominantly accelerated child.
Anita Miller: What about me?
Elaine Miller: You are rebellious and ungrateful of my love.
View Quote Lester Bangs: So, you're the one who's been sending me those articles from your school newspaper.
William Miller: I've been doing some stuff for a local underground paper, too.
Lester Bangs: What, are you like the star of your school?
William Miller: They hate me.
Lester Bangs: You'll meet them all again on their long journey to the middle.
View Quote Anita Miller: FECK YOU!
Elaine Miller: HEY!
Anita Miller: This is a house of lies!
Elaine Miller: Well there it is, your sister used the "F" word.
William Miller: I think she said "feck."
Elaine Miller: What's the difference?
William Miller: The letter "u."
View Quote Elaine Miller: Keep the small bills on the outside and call me if anyone gets drunk.
William Miller: I will call you if anyone anywhere gets drunk.
View Quote William Miller: [as Stillwater is walking by him, ignoring his requests for an interview] Russell. Jeff. Ed. Larry. I really love your band. I think the song "Fever Dog" is a big step forward for you guys. And you guys producing it yourselves, instead of Glyn Johns, that was the right thing to do. And Russell, Russell, the guitar sound... is incendiary. Incendiary. Way to go.
[He turns to leave. The band members regard one another for a moment]
Russell Hammond: Well, don't stop there!
Jeff Bebe: Yeah, come back here! I'm incendiary, too, man!
View Quote Penny Lane: How old are you?
William: 18.
Penny Lane: Me too! How old are we really?
William: 17.
Penny Lane: Me too!
William: Actually, I'm 16.
Penny Lane: Me too. Isn't it funny? The truth just sounds different.
William: I'm 15.
View Quote Penny Lane: I've made a decision, I'm gonna live in Morocco for one year. I need a new crowd. Do you wanna come?
William Miller: Yes! Yeah.
Penny Lane: [smiles] Are you sure?
William Miller: Ask me again.
Penny Lane: Do you wanna come?
William Miller: Yes! Yes.
View Quote Jeff Bebe: I can't say any more with the writer here.
Russell Hammond: No, no, no. You can trust him, you can say whatever you want.
Jeff Bebe: I work just as hard or harder than anybody on that stage. You know what I do? I connect. I get people off. I look for the guy who isn't getting off, and I make him get off.
Jeff Bebe: [to William] Actually, that you can print!
View Quote [Regarding the t-shirt picture, with Russell prominent in front, the rest of the band fuzzy in the back]
Russell Hammond: Can we just skip the vibe, and go straight to us laughing about this?
Jeff Bebe: Yeah, okay.
Russell Hammond: Because I can see by your face you want to get into it.
Jeff Bebe: How can you tell? I'm just one of the out-of-focus guys.
View Quote William: [on the phone with his mother] I'm fine! I'm fine! I'm flying back on Monday Morning. I'll only miss one test. I'll make it up.
[Russell listens in, holding his guitar, laughing.]
Russell: Tell her you're a slave to the groove - you can't help it!
William: [covers phone] No.
[Russell grabs the phone]
Russell: Hi Mom! It's Russell Hammond, I play guitar in Stillwater! It's my fault. How does it feel to be the mother of the future of rock journalism? [pause] Hello?
[Silence. Penny passes and stands near William. They watch a new pack of groupies prowl the road-crew. They are more glam, more trashy and less selective. They slink past, eyeing Russell. Penny Lane give them a dirty look and shoos them away.]
Russell: You've got a great kid -- nothing to worry about! We're taking care of him! And you should come to a show sometime! Join the Circus!
Elaine: Listen to me. Your charm does not work on me. I'm onto you. Of course you like him.
Russell: [getting serious] Well, yeah.
Elaine: He worships you people and that's fine with you, as long as he helps make you rich.
Russell: [a nerve is struck] Rich? I don't think so -
Elaine: Listen to me. He's a smart, good-hearted, 15 year-old kid, with infinite potential.
Russell: [Russel looks over at the kid, eyes narrowing as he processes the truth.]
Elaine: This is not some apron-wearing mother you're talking to. I know about your Valhalla of Decadence, and I shouldn't have let him go. He is not ready for your world of compromised values, and diminished brain cells that you throw away like confetti. Am I speaking clearly to you?
Russell: Yes, ma'am.
Elaine: If you break his spirit, harm him in any way, keep him from his chosen profession -- which is law, something you may not value but I do -- you will meet the voice on the other end of this telephone. And it will not be pretty. Do we understand each other?
Russell: Uh, yes ma'am.
Elaine: I didn't ask for this role, but I'll play it. Now go do your best. "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid." Goethe said that. It's not too late for you to be a person of substance, Russell. Get my son home safely. You know, I'm glad we spoke. [Russell is in shock]
View Quote Topeka Kid: You're Russell from Stillwater.
Russell Hammond: Well, yeah, on my better days, I am Russell from Stillwater.
View Quote Russell Hammond: You, Aaron, are what it's all about. You're real. Your room is real. Your friends are real. Real, man, real. You know? Real. You're more important than all the silly machinery. Silly machinery. And you know it! In eleven years its going to be 1984, man. Think about that!
Aaron: Wanna see me feed a mouse to my snake?
Russell Hammond: Yes.
View Quote Russell Hammond: [from a roof top, overlooking a crowd surrounding a pool] And you can tell Rolling Stone magazine that my last words were... I'm on drugs!
[crowd cheers]
William Miller: Russell! I think we should work on those last words!
Russell Hammond: I got it, I got it. This is better. Last words - I dig music.
[a few claps]
Russell Hammond: I'm on drugs!
[crowd cheers]
View Quote Penny Lane: You're too sweet for rock and roll.
William Miller: Sweet? Where do you get off? Where do you get sweet? I am dark and mysterious, and I am PISSED OFF! I could be very dangerous to all of you! And you should know that about me... I am THE ENEMY!
View Quote Elaine Miller: [on the phone] May I speak with William, please?
Sapphire: He's not here. He's still in the bar with the band. They just got back from the radio station. Is this Maryann with the pot?... Hello?
Elaine Miller: No, this isn't Maryann with the pot. This is Elaine. His mother. Could you please give him a message? Could you tell him to call home immediately? And could you also tell him - I KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON.
Sapphire: All right. But I'm just going to say this, and I'm going to stand by it: you should be really proud of him. 'Cause I know men, and I'll bet you do too. And he respects women, and he likes women, and let's just pause and appreciate a man like that. You created him out of thin air, and you raised him right, and we're all looking out for him. He's doing a great job, and don't worry - he's still a virgin. And that's more than I've ever said to my own parents, so there you go... This is the maid speaking, by the way.
View Quote Lester Bangs: Oh man, you made friends with 'em. See, friendship is the booze they feed you. They want you to get drunk on feeling like you belong.
William Miller: Well, it was fun.
Lester Bangs: Because they make you feel cool, and hey, I met you. You are not cool.
View Quote Penny Lane: Look - you should be happy for me. You don't know what he says to me in private. Maybe it is love, as much as it can be, for somebody...
William Miller: Somebody who sold you to Humble Pie for fifty bucks and a case of beer! I was there! I was there!... Oh god. Look- I'm sorry.
Penny Lane: [sniffs] What kind of beer?
View Quote Russell Hammond: Well William. We showed you America. Did everything but get you laid.
[William looks out the window and smiles]
Russell Hammond: Really? No!
All in car: No!
View Quote Sheldon the Desk Clerk: Are you Mr. Miller?
William Miller: Yeah.
Sheldon the Desk Clerk: You have a message from Elaine, your mother.
Sheldon the Desk Clerk: She's a handful.
William Miller: I know.
Sheldon the Desk Clerk: [seriously] She freaked me out.
View Quote William Miller: Do you have to be depressed to write a sad song? Do you have to be in love to write a love song? Is a song better when it really happened to you? Like "Love Thing," where did you write that and who was it about?
Russell Hammond: When did you get so professional?
View Quote William Miller: So Russell... what do you love about music?
Russell Hammond: To begin with, everything.
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