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Bernstein: The General Accounting report said there was a 350 thousand cash slush fund in Stans' safe. Did you know about that from the beginning?
Bookkeeper: There are too many people watching me--they know I know a lot.
Bernstein: It was all in hundreds, wasn't it?
Bookkeeper: A lot of it was. I just thought it was sort of an all-purpose political fund--you know, for taking fat cats to dinner, things like that.
Bernstein: Could buy a lot of steaks, 350,000 dollars.
Bookkeeper: I can't be positive that it was used for the break-in but people sure are worried.
Bernstein: Which people?
Bookkeeper: The ones who could disburse the money....I don't want to say anymore.
Bernstein: You haven't finished telling me about the money.
Bookkeeper: Omigod, there was so much of it, six million came in one two-day period--six million cash, we couldn't find enough places to put it. I thought it was all legal, I guess I did, til after the break-in, when I remembered Gordon got so much of it.
Bernstein: Gordon Liddy, you mean?
Bookkeeper: [nods] It was all so crazy--the day after the break-in he gave us a speech, bouncing up and down on his heels in that loony way of his--Gordon told us not to let Jim McCord ruin everything--don't let one bad apple spoil the barrel, he said. You just know that when Gordon Liddy's calling someone a bad apple, something's wrong somewhere. It's all so rotten... and getting worse... and all I care about is Hugh Sloan. His wife was going to leave him if he didn't stand up and do what was right. And he quit. He quit because he saw it and didn't want any part of it.
Bernstein: Think Sloan's being set up as a fall guy for John Mitchell? Sometimes it looks that way.
Bookkeeper: If you guys... if you guys could just get John Mitchell... that would be beautiful.
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