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Edwina Cutwater
Roger Cobb

View Quote Edwina Cutwater: Guess what I'm going to do?
Roger Cobb: What?
Edwina Cutwater: I'm going to come back from the dead.
Roger Cobb: [Patronising] Ohhh. And what makes you think you can do that?
Edwina Cutwater: Because I'm rich.
View Quote Edwina Cutwater: I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm sorry if I ruined your birthday.
Roger Cobb: And I'm sorry if I made your being dead an unpleasant experience.
View Quote Edwina Cutwater: Well I don't see why you're getting so upset about all this.
Roger Cobb: Because I want my body back! And I want my freedom and my privacy! And most of all, I'd like to be able to take a leak without being fondled!
Edwina Cutwater: You may find this hard to believe, but 'fondling you' while you make pee-pee is not my idea of a good time.
View Quote Roger Cobb: Miss Cutwater, as your attorney, I must advise you - your will can be challenged if you are deemed to be... not of sound mind.
Edwina Cutwater: Why, you presumptious ambulance chaser. Are you implying that I am not of sound mind?
Roger Cobb: No, I wouldn't do that. But I think everyone else in the solar system might.
View Quote Roger Cobb: You'll have to do it.
Edwina Cutwater: Do what?
Roger Cobb: You know, take it out.
Edwina Cutwater: Take what out?
Roger Cobb: The little fireman.
Edwina Cutwater: The little fireman?
Roger Cobb: You know, my penis.
Edwina Cutwater: How dare you say penis to a dead person.
View Quote [After Roger has been humiliated, fired and thrown out of court, largely because of Edwina]
Edwina Cutwater: [Thrilled] Oh, Roger! I see what you mean about enjoying life! It's to be savoured!
Roger Cobb: [Seething] I am going to kill you.
Edwina Cutwater: [Hurt] I was just trying to help...
Roger Cobb: You failed! Since you started helping me, in the last twenty-four hours, I've lost my girl, my job, I've alienated my dog! I broke my sunglasses! You can't even get that kind anymore. Stop helping me!!
Edwina Cutwater: You know, you are so ungrateful. If it wasn't for me, you would get that partnership, and then you'd have to take cases like that, and kiss your father's high ideals goodbye. You'd also be married to Peggy; you call that savouring life?
Roger Cobb: Oh, look who's talking!
Edwina Cutwater: I spent my life in a sick bed. What's your excuse?
[Pause - Roger is lost for a reply]
Roger Cobb: [Fuming] It's just like a dead person to say that.
View Quote [Recounting her lonely, friendless life]
Edwina Cutwater: [Tearfully] Once, my parents hired a clown to entertain me. But he didn't like me! So when my parents were in the room, he'd just sit there, and didn't lift a finger to amuse me!
Roger Cobb: [Appalled] That's a terrible clown.
View Quote [After Edwina has called him a 'peasant'] Listen, lady. Just because my grandfather didn't rape the environment and exploit the workers doesn't make me a peasant. And it's not that he didn't want to rape the environment and exploit the workers; I'm sure he did. It's just that as a barber, he didn't have that much opportunity.
View Quote [On finding her soul inside Roger Cobb's body] I don't believe this. I can't even die right.
View Quote [Regarding the empty church at Edwina's memorial] You really know how to pack them in.
View Quote [To Edwina] You're like an energy vampire. You suck the life out of people and take the fun out of being a lawyer.
View Quote [To his dog] Don't look at me like that. I'm not going in there as a messenger boy; I'm a trained legal advisor. No more being looked down on by people who think they're better than I am because they're rich. From now on, I'm gonna be respected... by people who think they're better than I am because they're rich.
View Quote [To his girlfriend] You bought me a gravestone for my thirty-eighth birthday?!
View Quote How dare you say 'penis' to a dead person.
View Quote Is everyone here bananas?