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Ripley: It's very pretty Bishop, but what are we looking for?
Bishop: Right there. [indicates blue flashing from a vent at the power station] Emergency venting.
Hudson: That's beautiful, man. That just beats all.
Hicks: How long until it blows?
Bishop: Four hours, with a blast radius of 30 kilometers, equal to about 40 megatons.
Hicks: We've got problems.
Hudson: I can't believe this. I CAN'T ****ING BELIEVE THIS!
Hicks: Vasquez, close the shutters.
Ripley: Why can't we shut it down from here?
Bishop: I'm sorry, but the crash caused too much damage. An overload was inevitable at this point.
Hudson: Aw, man. And I was getting short. Four more weeks and out. Now I'm going to buy it on this rock! It ain't half-fair, man!
Vasquez: Hudson, give us a break!
Hudson: Four more weeks! Aw, man!
Ripley: Well, we need the other drop-ship from the Sulaco. I mean, there must be some way of bringing it down via remote.
Hudson: How? The transmitter was on the APC! It's wasted!
Ripley: Well, I don't care how, but we'd better think of something, we'd better think of a way now.
Hudson: Think of what? We're ****ED!
Hicks: Shut up! [Over Hudson's panicking] SHUT UP! What about the colony transmitters? The uplink tower at the other end? Why can't we use--
Bishop: No, the hard-wiring between here and there was damaged. We can't align the dish.
Ripley: Well, then somebody has got to go out there, take a portable terminal, and patch in manually.
Hudson: Oh, sure! With those things runnin' around? You can count me out!
Bishop: I'll go.
Hicks: Yeah, I guess we can just count you out of everything, Hudson.
Hudson: That's right, man. Hey, why don't you go, man?
Bishop: I'll go.
Ripley: What?
Bishop: I'll go. I'm the only one qualified to remote-pilot the ship anyway.
Hudson: Yeah, man. Bishop should go. Good idea!
Bishop: Believe me, I'd prefer not to. I may be synthetic, but I'm not stupid.

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