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Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass quotes

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Alice Kingsleigh
Bayard the Bloodhound
The Red Queen

View Quote Absolem: You've been gone too long, Alice, and he will be gone before long.
View Quote Bayard: [after Alice falls from the sky and into a flower bed, her Underland friends surround and greet her] Alice.
White Rabbit: [hops up to Alice and hugs her arm] Alice! Thank goodness you're finally here!
March Hare: It's that girl again!
Tweedledee: Alice! You're back!
[the Bandersnatch roars his greeting and pants, smiling at Alice]
Mallymkun: [to the Bandersnatch] Don't be nice to her. She's late.
Alice: Have I come at a bad time?
White Queen: On the contrary. We were afraid you weren't coming at all.
Alice: What's the matter?
White Rabbit: The Hatter's the matter.
Tweedledee: Or the matter of the Hatter.
Tweedledum: The former.
Tweedledee: No, the latter.
White Queen: [rolls her eyes] Tweedles. [gives them a look as if to say, "Get to the point, please."]
Tweedles: [in unison] He's mad.
Alice: The Hatter? [the Tweedles nod] Yes, I know. [climbs out of the flower bed and pulls her hair back in a half-up style] That's his muchness. That's what makes him so... him.
Tweedledee: But he's grown darker. Less dafter.
Tweedledum: Denies himself laughter.
Cheshire Cat: [appears in the tree above them] And no scheme of ours can raise any sort of smile. We rather hoped YOU might help us save him.
View Quote [first line] Alice.
View Quote [from trailer] Young lady, your time is up.
View Quote Because you're not from here, only you can use it, Alice. Tarrant, the Mad Hatter
View Quote Hello, Alice.
View Quote I shall have the heads of all of your friends, then I shall have your head. Ta-ta.
View Quote It was a great storm. We ventured out into the turgut woods to investigate.
View Quote Oh, Alice, you always were an irksome, slurvish, interrupting thing!
View Quote There's nothing wrong with me.
View Quote Time is a he? Absolem, the Buttefly