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Alexander quotes

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View Quote In my womb I carried my avenger!
View Quote In the end, all that matters is what you've done.
View Quote It was said later that Alexander was never defeated, except by Hephaistion's thighs.
View Quote It's a high ransom she charges for nine months lodging in the womb.
View Quote Look at you! Look at you! You are everything he (Philip) was not. He was coarse, you are refined. He was general, you are a king. He could not rule himself...and you, shall rule the world.
View Quote May all those who come here after us know when they see this altar, that titans were once here.
View Quote Men of Macedon, we're going home.
View Quote Pay attention lad, your father's still watching over you!
View Quote The generals question your obsession with Darius... they say it was never meant for you to be King of Asia.
View Quote Their skin is water. And their tongue is fire. She is your friend.
View Quote There's only one thing better than winning a battle, son, and that's the taste of a new woman! You'll find it far sweeter than self pity.
View Quote Were we gods we'd breach these walls to the Eastern Ocean.
View Quote What disturbs me most is not your lack of respect for my judgment, but your contempt for a world far older than ours.
View Quote When I was a child my mother thought me divine and my father weak... which one am I Hephaistion? Weak or divine?
View Quote Yes, you're right Crateros. I should have sent you veterans home sooner, and I will. The first of your shall be the Silver Shields, and then every man who has served seven years. Respected, rich, LOVED! You'll be treated by you wives and children as heroes for the rest of your lives. And enjoy a peaceful death. But you dream Crateros! Your simplicity long ended when you took Persian mistresses and children and you thickened your holdings with plunder and jewels... Because you have fallen in love with all the things in life that destroy men! Do you not see? And you, as well as I, know, that as the years decline, and the memories stale, and all your great victories fade, it will always be remembered, you left your king in Asia! Because I will go on...with my Asians!