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View Quote Agent #1: Why do I always get the shit-end of these assignment? I'd like to ask that question.
Agent #2: [chuckles] What the hell were you expecting, Bobby, Waco?
View Quote Dova: Okay, plan. I'm listening...
Guy Foucard: Tell them you will let go of the hostages one-by-one. Then, instead of releasing us, release yourself.
Milo: [slow realization] Yeah. We, uh, pretend we'rethe hostages.
Guy Foucard: And then... tie us up. And, uh... be gone before they come in.
Dova: What do you think?
Law: Hey, I'm a sociopath, you know what I think.
View Quote Dova: Hey, you want to make us some coffee?
Law: Do I look like your bitch?
View Quote Dova: Where are you going?
Milo: I don't wanna be part of this. I'm turning myself in.
Dova: [pointing a gun] Don't make me do it!
View Quote Janet Boudreaux: [mocking his tip] Oh, you are a big spender. I like that in a man.
Dova: Now I just don't know what it's gonna take to make you shut up.
Janet Boudreaux: If you don't bite, then don't bark, doggie dog.
View Quote Jenny Ferguson: [In a TV interview] Agent Browning, can you shed some light on what's been happening here?
Agent Browning: Well, it looks like some goddamn stupid mother****er has decided to take some poor innocent ****s hostage. Now we've been out here all ****ing night trying to deal with this goddamn situation, but there hasn't been a ****ing break yet. But we're sure as shit hopeful that everyone will be safe, and that we bring this mother****er, or mother****ers, as the case may be, to ****ing justice. How's that?