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Akeelah and the Bee

Akeelah and the Bee quotes

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View Quote Akeelah: This is all starting to sound heavy.
Boy: It is heavy. Spelling bees are serious shit. I think I'll take a shot. [throws the ball, but misses the hoop] On second thought, can I spell the word?
View Quote Male judge: If you spell this correctly, you'll be our 10th and last finalist.
Female judge: "Carmagnole."
Cheating boy: Could I get a definition, please?
Female judge: A lively song and street dance.
Cheating boy: Um... C... A... R... M... A... [Kiana, watching through the door's window, sees the boy's mom mouth out the letter, "G"] G... N... O-L-E, carmagnole.
Male judge: That's correct, and that means are our 10th and last finalist for the district bee. [a thunderous applause erupts, especially from the boy's mom. Akeelah is devastated]
Kiana: [bursts through the door] HE CHEATED!!! HE CHEATED!! I saw that! That boy's mama helped him out!
Male judge: What...? Excuse me... Who are you?
Kiana: I'm Akeelah's sister. I was standing right back there, and I saw that boy's mama give him the letter "G." She was saying, "geeeee."
Cheating boy's mom: He knew the word. I-I mean, it's one we studied. He knew it.
Male judge: Ma'am, did you help your child spell the word? [the boy's mom shakes her head] Ma'am, this is serious business.
[Silence. Finally, the boy's mom angrily springs up from her chair]
Cheating boy's mom: OH, YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT'S SERIOUS! You know, you are gonna give these kids ulcers! Do you know how long he has studied for this?! He knew that word!
Cheating boy: [embarrassed] No. I didn't.
Male judge: I'm sorry, number 62, you are disqualified from competition.
View Quote [at the school spelling bee in the gym]
Ms. Cross: Now, we're gonna start things off with "grovel."
Chuckie: Gravel? Like little rocks?
Ms. Cross: No, grovel, like "get down on your knees and grovel."
Chuckie: Get down on my knees? [shocked] What?!
Ms. Cross: Just spell the word.
Chuckie: Uh, G-R-A-V-E-L.
Ms. Cross: No, Chuckie, you spelled "gravel." I meant "grovel", G-R-O-V-E-L. You weren't listening. Sorry, Chuckie.
Chuckie: Who cares?