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Airport 1975

Airport 1975 quotes

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View Quote Alan Murdock: Look baby I've only got half an hour. Can't we talk it out when you get to LA?
Nancy Pryor: Don't forget your flight, Murdock. You wouldn't want to keep that boss of your waiting.
View Quote Gary: Would you hold this please, I'll take care of Miss Swanson. Good Evening, right this way please.
Gloria Swanson: Thank you.
Nancy Pryor: Good Evening Miss Swanson.
Gloria Swanson: Good Evening. I mean, good morning!
Gary: Right here, Miss Swanson.
Gloria Swanson: [In reference to her bomb proof case] Oh yes, put it under my feet. Thank you very much.
Gary: It's a pleasure to have with us, Miss Swanson. If there's anything I can do for you, just let me know.
Gloria Swanson: I shall.
Sister Beatrice: Never mind her Sister, put your ticket away.
Sister Ruth: Yes Sister.
View Quote Gloria Swanson: The mountains - we're so close!
View Quote Joe Patroni: There she is. She's flying it! She's flying it herself!
Alan Murdock: Climb baby, climb.
View Quote Joseph Patroni, Jr.: Look mom there's another airplane out there!
Mrs. Patroni: Where?
Joseph Patroni, Jr.: Right out there!
Mrs. Patroni: Oh my God there is...
Joseph Patroni, Jr.: It's an airforce jet. He's probably checking the damage. He's going to help us.
Mrs. Patroni: He is.
View Quote Mrs. Devaney: Miss?
Nancy Pryor: You need something?
Mrs. Devaney: I feel a little queasy. The altitude I guess. I'll have a bourbon... with a beer chaser.
Barney: Uh. Miss Devaney. Do you know what you just ordered? They call those boiler makers.
Mrs. Devaney: I know.
Nancy Pryor: A bourbon with a beer chaser.
View Quote Mrs. Patroni: Well, the first stewardess is at the controls, but she... she's in constant touch with the tower.
Mrs. Patroni: [whispering] Would you please keep your voice down.
Barney: S-s-sure... [Barney becomes histerycal] The stewardess is flying the plane. The stewardess...
[Mrs Devaney hands Barney a large Whiskey]
Mrs Devaney: Here...
Barney: Thank you Mrs Devaney, but I don't drink.
Mrs Devaney: [Looking confused] Well what difference does it make now?
Barney: You're right. [Barney takes drink from Mrs Devaney and takes gulp of Whiskey] No difference.
View Quote [In reference to Gloria Swanson at the Airport]
Sister Ruth: Who is she Sister Beatrice, do you recognise her? [In a very disapproving tone]
Sister Beatrice: I believe its one of those Hollywood persons.
Sister Ruth: Oh, you mean an actress?
Sister Beatrice: Or worse!
View Quote [Janice Abbott settles onto her bed in first class]
Mrs. Abbott: Please, Janice. Remember what the doctor said - you must lie still, very still.
Janice Abbott: I know, Mother, but it's so exciting! The people are so interesting!
View Quote [Nancy tries to communicate with the nearest airport after the mid-air collision]
Nancy Pryor: Salt Lake... Salt Lake! This is Columbia 409! It's Nancy Pryor... stewardess. Something hit us! All the flight crew is dead or badly injured! There's no one left to fly the plane! Help us! Oh my God, help us!