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Gigolo Joe quotes

View Quote She loves what you do for her, as my customers love what it is I do for them. But she does not love you David, she cannot love you. You are neither flesh, nor blood. You are not a dog, a cat, or a canary. You were designed and built specific, like the rest of us. And you are alone now only because they tired of you, or replaced you with a younger model, or were displeased with something you said, or broke. They made us too smart, too quick, and too many. We are suffering for the mistakes they made because when the end comes, all that will be left is us. That's why they hate us, and that is why you must stay here, with me.
View Quote There are girls your age that are just like me. We are the guiltless pleasures of the lonely human being. You won't get us pregnant or have us to supper with mommy and daddy. We work under you, we work on you and we work for you. Man made us better at what we do than was ever humanly possible.
View Quote Many a mecha has gone to the end of the world... never to come back! That is why they call the end of the world 'MAN-hattan'.
View Quote They hate us, you know... The humans. They'll stop at nothing.
View Quote In this day and age, David, nothing costs more than information.
View Quote When you become a real boy, remember me to the ladies when you grow up.
View Quote I am... I was.
View Quote [repeated line] Gigolo Joe, whaddaya know?
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