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Police Chief quotes

View Quote I could say 'Good Morning'. That wouldn't be acting, because I always say 'Good morning'.
View Quote Aldo: Where is Gina, mama?
Mama: On the street.
Aldo: You mean my sister is a--
Woman: BINGO.
View Quote Bystander: Who is in the car?
Aldo: Marlon Brando's nose.
View Quote Gina: That's him, Tony Powell. We saw him at the Excelsior.
Aldo: Why isn't he fat?
Gina: It's an old picture.
View Quote Tony: How many people in the world over 40 can still say they have their own teeth, huh?
Harry: How many people in the world over 50 can still say they're only 40?!
View Quote Gina: Ooh, he's a good kisser.
Aldo: You know how many good kissers are starving in Italy?
View Quote Tony: What's neo-realism?
Harry: No money.
View Quote Fabrizi: Sophia, hello my, Sophia, I told you I'm busy with Tony Powell... I'm sorry, Sophia, you will have to get somebody else. Sophia--I'm sorry my darling, there's no part for you in the picture...Would I lie to you? So--Soph--Sophia don't cry! Tony, talk to this girl, she's hysterical, she's hysterical. Talk to her, please.
Tony: Hello, Sophia?-- she hung up.
Fabrizi: She'll kill me, she'll kill me. It'll be in all the Italian newspapers!
View Quote Harry: Can I see a script!?
Fabrizi: In here is my script, in here is my story.
View Quote Fabrizi: Tony plays the Fox.
Tony: An animal picture?
View Quote Fabrizi: No matter how fast you run, you cannot run away from yourself.
Tony: Brilliant!
View Quote Miss Okra: I must talk to you.
Fabrizi: Who's talking, you or him?
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