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View Quote Count Nicolas De La Motte: [lying on a table in pain as a doctor tries removes the bullet from his behind] Goddamn! Goddamn! Are you digging for potatoes? Go easy!
Dr. Legear: I did not tell how to get this projectile where it is! Do not presume to tell me how to get it out!
View Quote Marie-Antoinette: If you weaken the monarchy, you undermine the entire nation.
Jeanne St. Remy de Valois: You weakened yourselves long before a necklace became the issue.
View Quote Rétaux de Vilette: Conspiracy was not all that held us together.
Jeanne St. Remy de Valois: Save yourself. I want you to.
View Quote [on hearing about the necklace plot] I knew something grand was a foot. You can rest assured I will be an asset to this venture.
View Quote [to Jeanne, after meeting with the fake Antoinette] I know what you're up to. Antoinette is secretly in love with me. Deny it if you will, but don't ask me to play the fool.
View Quote [to Louis about Antoinette wanting public vindication] The queen offers up a sweet plum before ravens. Pray none takes a bite.
View Quote [upon hearing her verdict] What ever fate awaits me, it cannot comp... compare to the pain I have... when all you hold dear is taken and you have nothing left, risk is of little consequence. And when a ray of hope came into view, I reached for it with all my might. I realise... I realise now that it is too late, that honor does not live in the name. It comes from what you carry in your heart. I realize, now that it is too late, that honor does not live in the name. It comes from what you carry in your heart.
View Quote I shall give them what they want. I will sit here quietly in my disgrace. It's what they've always wanted!
View Quote To Jeanne, the whole of the necklace was not as glorious as what its parts could yield. It was a means to an end. And though I will not justify the actions of the young countess, I late came to understand her reasoning. (pauses) Who does not aspire to take back what was taken from them? Who does not dream of returning home?
View Quote Why do the people hate me? 'Wasn't always so.