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Captain Haddock: [wakes up from his drunkenness and notices Snowy, jumps] Ahhhhh! A giant rat of Sumatra. [sees Tintin stumbling into his room through the window; brandishes a bent pipe, thinking he's an intruder] So, you think you can sneak up behind me, and catch me wi' my trousers down, huh?
Tintin: [dodging Haddock's blows] I would rather keep your trousers on, if it's all the same to you.
Captain Haddock: I know you're here. You're one of them!
Tintin: Sorry?
Captain Haddock: He sent you here to kill me!
Tintin: Look, I don't know who you are!
Captain Haddock: That was his plan, to bump me off! Murder me in my bed by a baby-faced assassin![Snowy bites his ankle, tries to shake him off] Arrgh!
Tintin: Assassin? Look, you've got it all wrong! [Captain Haddock and Tintin stops fighting] I was kidnapped by a gang of thugs. [drops rod]
Captain Haddock: [cries comically] Oh, the filthy swine! He's turned the whole crew against me!
Tintin: Who?
Captain Haddock: The sour-faced man with the sugary name. He's bumped them all off, every last of'em.
Tintin: Sakharine!
Captain Haddock: Nobody takes MY ship!
Tintin: You're the captain?
Captain Haddock: Of course, I'm the captain. Who else can I be? [Tintin shushes him] I've been locked in this room for days, with only whiskey to sustain my mortal soul. [Tintin reveals door is not locked, looks at Haddock exasperatingly] Oh...I assumed it was locked.
Tintin: Well, it's not. Now you must excuse me, if they find me here, they'll kill me. We have to keep moving, try to find my way off this drunken tub [leaves Haddock's room with a bang of the door].
Captain Haddock:[taken aback] Tub?!

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