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Sir Robin of Locksley quotes

View Quote [to Prince John, about Marian] What a pity her manners don't match her looks, Your Highness.
View Quote [to Little John, after losing a quarterstaff battle with him] I wanted to see what you were made of...and I did.
View Quote I've called you here as freeborn Englishmen, loyal to our king. While he reigned over us, we lived in peace. But since Prince John has seized the regency, Guy of Gisbourne and the rest of his traitors have murdered and pillaged. You've all suffered from their cruelty - the ear loppings, the beatings, the blindings with hot irons, the burning of our farms and homes, the mistreatment of our women. It's time to put an end to this! [Cheers] Now, this forest is wide. It can shelter and clothe and feed a band of good, determined men - good swordsmen, good archers, good fighters. Men, if you're willing to fight for our people, I want you! Are you with me?
View Quote [swearing in his Merry Men] That you, the freemen of this forest, swear to despoil the rich only to give to the poor, to shelter the old and the helpless, to protect all women rich or poor, Norman or Saxon. Swear to fight for a free England. To protect her loyally until the return of our King and sovereign Richard the Lion Heart. And swear to fight to the death against our oppressors!
View Quote [about Marian] Hanging would be a small price to pay for the company of such a charming lady.
View Quote His task was here at home defending his own people instead of deserting them to fight in foreign lands...I'll condemn anything that leaves the task of holding England for Richard to outlaws like me.
View Quote Richard must be found. He must be found and brought here to safety...Don't rest, day or night, any of you, until he's found.
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