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Kathryn Murphy: Listen again..."A person is guilty of criminal solicitation if he commands, induces, entreats or otherwise persuades another person to commit a felony-"
Paul Rudolph: You can read it to me until you're blue in the face, I am not gonna let you prosecute a bunch of spectators -
Kathryn Murphy: [cutting him off] They're not spectators. They solicited the rape.
Paul Rudolph: Do you really want to ask a jury to lock up a bunch of people for clapping and cheering?
Kathryn Murphy: Clapping? Cheering? Pushing? Goading? Getting the rape going and keeping it going!
Paul Rudolph: And what happens if you lose? You'll look like an incompetent. If you win, you'll look like a vengeful bitch. Either way, you'll hurt yourself and this office. Now, drop it. You've got more important things to do.
Kathryn Murphy: No I haven't.
Paul Rudolph: You haven't got more important things to do than go to trial with a sure loser? What the hell's gotten into you?
Kathryn Murphy: We owe her.
Paul Rudolph: Owe her what? We put the rapists away.
Kathryn Murphy: I owe her.
Paul Rudolph: I see. You wanna spend my money to put a bunch of spectators on trial - a trial that you'll lose - because you owe her? No! You don't get to use this office to pay your debts!
Kathryn Murphy: I am going to try this case and you are not going to stop me.
Paul Rudolph: Kathryn, you're an ace. You've got a great future. Don't put it in jeopardy.
Kathryn Murphy: What are you going to do, fire me? Go right ahead. My first case will be a civil suit against the rapists, the solicitors, the Bar and the State. I will show that Sarah Tobias ended up in a hospital bed because this office sold her out. I will personally subpoena your records, put you on the witness stand and cross-examine you about every single sleazy plea-bargain this office has ever made. [turns to exit]
Paul Rudolph: [shouting] Go ahead! Try your case! Have a good time! Because win or lose, you're through! [turns to notice others in the office staring at him] What are you lookin' at? Get back to work!

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