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Macon: [when his wife says she wants a divorce] People who lose a child often feel this way. It puts a terrible strain on a marriage, but it doesn't have to tear us apart. Listen, I've been thinking...have you considered having another baby?
Sarah: Oh, Macon.
Macon: I know we can't replace Ethan, but...
Sarah: No, I'm sorry. It would never work.
Macon: All right, forget that. It was a crazy idea, right? Crazy notion, but...All I'm saying is, we can start over.
Sarah: Macon, ever since Ethan died, I've had to admit that people are basically bad. Evil, Macon. They're so evil they'd take our 12-year-old boy and shoot him through the skull for no reason. There have been times I haven't been sure I...Haven't been sure I could live in this kind of world anymore.
Macon: It's true what you say about human beings. I'm not trying to argue.Tell me, Sarah, why would that cause you to leave me?
Sarah: Because I knew you wouldn't try and argue. You believed all along they were evil. This whole past year I've felt myself withdrawing from people just like you do, Macon. I've felt myself becoming a Leary.
Macon: Well, there are worse disasters than that, I guess.
Sarah: Not for me. Macon, I know you loved Ethan. And I know you mourn him, but there's something so...What do you call it? Muffled about the way you experience things. It's like you're trying to slip through life unchanged.
Macon: Sarah, I'm not muffled. I endure. I'm holding steady.
Sarah: I know you think that, but I think you're fooling yourself. It's not by chance you write books telling people how to make trips without a jolt so they can travel to wonderful, exotic places and never be touched by them. Never feel they've left home. That traveling armchair isn't just your logo. It's you.

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