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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter quotes

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Abraham Lincoln
Henry Sturges
Jack Barts
Joshua Speed
Mary Todd Lincoln
William Johnson

View Quote Abraham: (after they escape from the train) Thank you, Henry. I suppose some vampires can be trusted.
Sturges: (panting) As can some men, Abraham... If the train was a decoy... where is the silver?
Will: This isn't the only railroad.
View Quote Abraham: (as they ride up to the deserted plantation) There are no slaves... Where are they?
Speed: I was just wondering that.
View Quote Abraham: (sadly) I'm sorry, Mary. I'm sorry I've kept you in the dark all these years... I need you, Mary.
Mary: I've waited a long time to hear you say those words.
View Quote Abraham: Do you really want to know the truth, Mary?... Each and every night, I go out... hunting vampires.
Mary: Well, how do you hunt these vampires?
Abraham: With an axe... a special silver axe, of course.
View Quote Abraham: I have done everything you've asked me. Every letter, every name... but never the letter I wait for and never the name I want most... when do I get to kill Jack Barts?
Sturges: (presenting Lincoln with a silver pocket watch) Barts knows about Mary. It's time.
View Quote Abraham: My mother was murdered.
Sturges: And if I teach you how to murder her murderer... so what? How will that honor her memory? How will that benefit the next boy whose mother is taken?
View Quote Abraham: Vampires are just myths.
Sturges: Myths don't beat you senseless after you've put a bullet in their brain.
View Quote Abraham: Will! Speed! This! This is what we need! (holding the fork)
Will: A fork...
Abraham: Silver.
View Quote Adam: (reading the paper about the headless bodies) This hunter is another of Henry's disciples?
Vadoma: They say he is a madman.
Adam: I can't wait to meet him.
View Quote Adam: Go up river. Invite this Mr. Lincoln to join us at the plantation. We're gonna throw a ball in his honor.
Vadoma:What makes you think he'll accept?
Adam: I think we can find a way to tempt him.
View Quote Mary: Abe, what are you hiding from me?
Abraham: (as he digs in his pockets) Alright. I didn't want to tell you this way. This is not the way that I planned it. But if you really must know... (holds up a ring) Mary Todd... will you make me the happiest of men?
View Quote Mary: It's called a dance. If we were meant to sit down, they would've called it something else.
Abraham: Yes, I suppose they would have.
Mary: Come, Mr. Lincoln. You'll ruin the upholstery if you sit there any longer.
View Quote Sturges (angrily) You cannot take on slavery, Abraham! You cannot take on the whole south!
Lincoln: Why?! Because of Adam?
Sturges: No!
Abraham: Are you afraid of him?
Sturges: Because it is the only thing that has kept them sated all these years... and you take that away and no one is safe!
View Quote Sturges: You weren't ready to know.
Abraham: What, that you were a vampire?!?
Sturges: You're not the only one... who has lost everything to vampires.
View Quote Vadoma: (seeing people on the road) What's this?
Adam: They're fleeing the nest. Leaving Washington free for us.