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Cat Lady: Oh shit. Who's there?
Alex: Excuse me, missus, can you please help? There's been a terrible accident. Can I please use your telephone for an ambulance?
Cat Lady: I'm frightfully sorry. There is a telephone in the Public House about a mile down the road. I suggest you use that.
Alex: But, missus, this is an emergency. It's a matter of life and death. Me friend's lying in the middle of the road bleeding to death.
Cat Lady: I'm very sorry but I never open the door to strangers after dark.
Alex: Very well, madam. I suppose you can't be blamed for being suspicious with so many scoundrels and rouges of the night about. Dim, bend down. I'm gonna get in that window and open the front door.
Cat Lady: Hello, Radlett Police Station. Good evening. It's Miss Weathers at Woodmere Health Farm. hello Look, I'm frightfully sorry to bother you but something rather odd has just happened... Well, it's probably nothing at all, but you never know... Well, a young man ring the bell asking to use the telephone... He said there had been some kind of accident. The thing that caught my attention was what he said ó the words he used, sounded exactly like what was quoted in the papers this morning in connection with the writer and his wife who were assaulted last night... Well, just a few minutes ago... Well, if you think that's necessary, but, well, I'm quite sure he's gone away now. Oh... alright. Fine. Thank you very much. Thank you.
Alex: Hi, hi, hi there! At last we meet. Our brief govoreet through the letter-hole was not, shall we say, satisfactory, yes?
Cat Lady: Who are you? How the hell did you get in here? What the bloody hell d'you think you're doing?
Alex: Naughty, naughty, naughty, you filthy old soomaka.
Cat Lady: Now listen here, you little bastard, just you turn around and walk out of here the same way as you came in. leave it alone Don't touch it. That's a very important work of art. What the bloody hell do you want?
Alex: Will to be perfectly honest, madam, I taking part of an international student's contest to see who can get the most points for selling magazines.
Cat Lady: Cut the shit, sonny, and get out of here before you get yourself in some very serious trouble. I told you to leave it alone. Now get out of here before I throw you out, wretched slummy bedbug. I'll teach you breaking into real people's houses. ****ing little bastard! Get out!

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