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3000 Miles to Graceland

3000 Miles to Graceland quotes

16 total quotes

Cybil Waingrow
Michael Zane
Thomas J. Murphy
U.S. Marshal Quigley

View Quote Cybil Waingrow: This looks Beautiful.
Murphy: It's one of my favorite pieces.
Cybil Waingrow: Yeah. Where's it from?
Murphy: [whispers] Out my ass.
Cybil Waingrow: Excuse me.
Murphy: It's an African piece.
Cybil Waingrow: Looks Egyptian to me.
View Quote Damitry: Alright, Murphy, if you're not coming out, then we're coming in after you.
Murphy: You don't want any of me!
View Quote Gus: What's great about dating homeless girls?
Murphy: What?
Gus: You can drop them off anywhere.
View Quote Jack: Meet Hamilton.
Murphy: I said get a couple of guys, Jack. A couple of guys.
Jack: He is a couple of guys.
View Quote Michael Zane: Finish your fries.
Jesse Waingrow: You can't tell me what to do. You're not my dad.
Michael Zane: Didn't anybody ever tell you about starving kids in Africa?
Jesse Waingrow: Why? Are you gonna send them my fries?
View Quote Michael Zane: I've got good news and bad news.
Jesse Waingrow: What's the good news?
Michael Zane: Your mom's in the trunk.
Jesse Waingrow: What's the bad news?
Michael Zane: She's still alive.
View Quote Murphy: What's his problem?
Lady: He's deaf...
[Murphy smiles and chuckles]
Murphy: Funny. You're not, so get his head on the ****ing ground.
View Quote Peterson: Are you gonna kill me?
Murphy: Not 'til you get the safe open.
[Murphy smiles]
Murphy: Now that's a joke. Open the safe.
View Quote [last lines] You recognize me now? I recognize you.
View Quote Either quit smoking or get a new lighter.
View Quote Guys like me die caught. Guys like you die bloody.
View Quote I didn't leave Jesse with a stranger. I left him with you.
View Quote I don't know what it is with those sideburns. I mean, I glued mine on. For you it's an actual lifestyle choice.
View Quote It's time to go to work, baby.
View Quote You know the golden rule: **** the gold. He who has a nickel-plated makes the rules.