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30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night quotes

28 total quotes


View Quote Jake: [shaking uncontrollably] Sh-she was...j-just a g-girl...
Stella: [Embracing Jake] It's ok.
View Quote Kirsten: Please, God!
Marlow: God? [looks up at sky then back down at Kirsten. He shakes his head.] No God.
View Quote Stella: I should have fought harder.
Eben: The things you'll do to save your own.
Stella: We were like that once, weren't we?
View Quote The Stranger: Mr. and Mrs. Sheriff. So sweet. So helpless against what is coming.
Stella: He's just trying to freak us out.
Jake: It's working.
View Quote The Stranger: No way out of town. No one coming to help.
Jake Oleson: Shut up.
The Stranger: You can feel that. That cold ain't the weather - that's death approaching. Who do you think they're gonna take first? The girl, who thinks a gun will help her? The kid, sheriff's kid? Or the old gal?
Jake Oleson: Shut up.
[Jake throws a boardgame piece at the Stranger]
The Stranger: Oh... yeah... thank you, for the plastic. I can snap that apart and pick the lock.
View Quote The Stranger: They're coming
Eben: Who're they?
View Quote Come get me, mother****ers!!!
View Quote It took us centuries to make them believe that we are no more than just bad dreams. We should give them no reason to suspect.
View Quote Jake, when they're all watchin me, call Stella on the walkie talkie and tell her to run for it. [Looks up, from preparing to inject] You did good, little brother. [Hugs Jake] Take care of Stella for me.
View Quote Their heads must be separated from their bodies. Do not turn them.
View Quote When you have a family, you never hurt them!
View Quote [After injecting Billy's blood] I can smell your blood.
View Quote [holding up sunlamp] Yeah, it worked! but they're gonna cut the power. [Power goes out] Oh, sh-[starts running]