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View Quote Reverend John: Jesus didn't come to free us from pain. He came to give us the strength to bear it.
Marianne Jordan: Life has to go on Jack. With or without God.
View Quote Cristina Peck: Katie could have lived. She'd be alive right now but that bastard left her there. Laying in the street. He left the three of them like animals. He didn't care. She could be here with me. That son of a bitch is walking the streets, and I can't even go into their room. I wanna kill him. I'm gonna kill Jack Jordan. I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch.
Paul Rivers: Slow down, just slow down.
Cristina Peck: Slow down. Slow down. While I what, huh? While I what?
Paul Rivers: Take it easy.
Cristina Peck: Take it easy? My husband and my little girls are dead, and I'm supposed to take it ****ing easy? I can't just go on with my life! I am paralyzed here! I am a ****ing amputee! Do you see that? Who are you? You owe it to Michael. No, you've got his heart. You're in house ****ing his wife! And sitting in his chair! We have to kill him!
Paul Rivers: Not like this.
Cristina Peck: Then how? Tell me how! Katie died with red shoelaces on. She hated red shoelaces. And she kept asking me to get her some blue ones. And I never got her the blue ones. She was wearing those ****ing red shoelaces when she was killed!
View Quote Jack Jordan: I'm gonna turn myself in.
Marianne Jordan: What? Why would you do that, Jack?
Jack Jordan: It's my duty.
Marianne Jordan: Your duty's to your family!
Jack Jordan: My duty's to God.
View Quote Paul Rivers: You shouldn't have done it
Jack Jordan: Done what?
Paul Rivers: [shouting You shouldn't have done it!
View Quote Paul's doctor:The heart that you're carrying is going to give out soon. I need you to stay in the hospital until we can find you another donor.
Paul:I can't do that. I can't wait for someone to die locked up in a white room.
Paul's doctor: Your heart is going to give out sooner than you think. You will die from asphyxiation. Its not a nice death. At least here-
Paul: You can help me die better?! You can help me die better. I'm not going to do that. I'd rather die outside.
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