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Virginia Lewis quotes

View Quote My name is Virginia...and I live on the edge of the forest.
View Quote I'm gonna die of long hair!
View Quote Well, at least things can't get any worse.
View Quote [talking about her mother] Well, I knew she'd come back because she had left all her clothes, you know. She loved her clothes more than anything in the world. And I kept going into her room and checking on them. And then after a few months you suddenly said that we had to get rid of them all, [beginning to cry] so, I remember folding them all very neatly, and I kept hoping that there was going to be, you know, a secret note or something that would be written for me, you know, just to me, telling me that she loved me, and explaining the secret magical reason why she had to go, you know? I mean, I still have this uncontrollable urge to just go up to people and say "My mother left me when I was seven!" You know, as if that would explain everything. [sobbing] And I miss her... And I hate her! And...and I miss her... And I feel like I was on a train and it crashed or something and no one came and rescued me. I always wanted my life to be a fairy story, you know, and now it is!
View Quote You haven't seen my father walking around anywhere here, have you? Oh, he might have been singing "Whiter Shade of Pale".
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