(calliope begins playing "The Merry Go Round Broke Down")
Eddie: Now Roger is his name/And laughter is his game/Come on you dope, untie his rope/And watch him go insane.
(does slapstick pratfalls to make the weasels laugh)
Jessica Rabbit: He's lost his mind.
Roger Rabbit: I don't think so.
Eddie: This singing's not my line/It's tough to make a rhyme/If I get stuck, I'm out of luck--
Jessica: I'm running out of time!
Eddie: Thanks!
(more pratfalls; weasels start dying of laughter)
Roger Rabbit: Hey, Eddie, keep it up! You're killing 'em! You're slaying 'em! You're knocking 'em dead!
Eddie: I'm through with taking falls/And bouncing off the walls/Without that gun I'd have some fun/I'd kick you in the-- *gets hit in head with vase*
Roger: Nose!
Smart Ass: Nose? That don't rhyme with walls!
Eddie: No, but this does!
(kicks Smart Ass in the groin, sending him flying, screaming, into the Dip Mixer, which then dissolves him)
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