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Alan. I'm feeling very insecure.


You just met your match.

All my makeup is cruelty free!

Mr. Mars: Exactly, don't call it violent; call it action. Kids love action. It sells.

Archer: Alan. If Gorgon's not in that window, is it in this one?
Alan: There's nothing outside the window. There's just stuff outside them.
Archer: What stuff?
Alan: You know. Houses. Electric poles. Christy's house.
Slamfist: And beyond that?
Alan: The mall.
Archer: And what's beyond that?
Alan: That's the highway.
Punch-It: And beyond that?
Alan: A million acres of farm.
Archer: And what's beyond that?
Alan: I don't know.
Archer: Hmmm. Gorgon.

Nick Nitro: It's...only a...flesh wound, sir.
Major Chip Hazard: At ease, soldier. You did great.
Nick Nitro: [his battery ran out]
Major Chip Hazard: We will.

Christy: You rescued me! [kissing Alan]
Alan: [pausing for a bit] Anytime.

Christy: Any sigh of the Gorgonites?
Alan: No, not a thing.
Phil: Come on Christy!
Christy: [kisses Alan on cheek] I'll see ya.
[Alan grabs her dramatically and kisses her]
Gil Mars: [getting into helicopter, looking at wreckage] Too bad. This would have been a hell of a commercial.

[Talking into the phone to the Heartland Toy Company] Your damn Commando Elite wrecked my dad's store, destroyed the stupid Gorgonites, and ran off! Lawsuit! Got that? [Pauses for a bit] Alan Abernathy. 330-555-0129.

[to Archer] Hide and lose? That's a great option.

[to Archer about wind] Just because you can't see something, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

[yelling at Major Chip Hazard] And I got a shot for you! You stupid toy!

If Major Chip wants a war, we'll give him war.

I don't think we killed him enough.