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[Morgan looks through his telescope at the cloudy sky. Bo stands beside him]
Bo: You don't think something bad will happen. Do you, Morgan?
Morgan: Why? You have one of your feelings again?
[She nods.]
Morgan: Is it bad?
[She nods again.]
Morgan: I won't let anything bad happen to you.
[Bo hugs her brother's arm.]
Bo: I don't want you to die.
Morgan: Who said I was gonna die?

[Officer Paski talks to the Hess family about the intruder from last night]
Caroline: So how are you, Merrill?
Merrill: Fine.
Caroline: How's work at the gas station?
Merrill: [sarcastically] Stimulating.
Caroline: I never got a chance to tell you, but I thought your moving in here with your brother after... was a nice thing to do.
Merrill: Well, I don't think I'm helping much.
[Caroline looks at Morgan, then back at Merrill]
Caroline: You are.

[Sitting next to their dog Houdini, Bo samples a glass of water]
Bo: It's contaminated.
Morgan: You don't even know what that word means. (Morgan tastes it) It's not contaminated. It's just tap water, pour it in his bowl.
Bo: It tastes funny.
Morgan: It does not. Besides, he licks his butt every day. I don't think he'll mind.

[The family retreat to the basement]
Morgan: We forgot our foil helmets.
Graham: Have we got anything to wedge against the doorknob?
Morgan: They'll read our minds.
Graham: You're scaring your sister.
Bo: I'm already scared.

[There is silence at the last supper]
Graham: What's the matter with everyone. Eat.
Morgan: Maybe we should say a prayer.
Graham: No.
Morgan: Why not?
Graham: We're not saying a prayer.
Morgan: Bo has a bad feeling.
Bo: I had a dream.
Graham: We aren't saying a prayer. Eat!
Morgan: I hate you.
Graham: That's fine.
Morgan: You let Mom die.
Merrill: Morgan!
Graham: I am not wasting one more minute of my life on prayer. Not one more minute! Understood?
[Bo starts crying]
Graham: Now, we are going to enjoy this meal. No one can stop us from enjoying this meal, so ENJOY IT! Stop crying!
Merrill: Graham.
Morgan: Don't yell at her!
Graham: All right. Since you're all not going to eat, I'm going to try some of everything.

[While Bo watches Dexter's Laboratory on TV, Graham gestures to a bunch of water glasses on the set]
Graham: You're too old to still be doing this. You take a glass of water and you finish it. Now, what's wrong with this one?
Bo: It has dust in it.
Graham: This one?
Bo: A hair.
Graham: This one?
Bo: Morgan took a sip and it has his amoebas in it.

[With his flashlight, Merrill finds Graham holding Morgan, who's having an asthma attack]
Graham: We don't have his medicine. Don't be afraid, Morgan. We'll slow this down together. Feel my chest. Feel it moving in, and out. Breathe like me. Come on.
Bo: [sadly] I dreamed this.
Graham: Stay with me. I know it hurts. Be strong, baby. It'll pass. It'll pass.
[Bo draws up to Merrill]
Graham: [To God] Don't do this to me again. Not again. I hate you. I hate you. [To Morgan] The fear is feeding it. Don't be afraid of what's happening. Believe it's going to pass. Believe it! Just wait. Don't be afraid. The air is coming. Believe. We don't have to be afraid. It's about to pass. Here it comes. Don't be afraid. Here comes the air. Don't be afraid, Morgan. Feel my chest. Breathe with me. Together. The air is going in our lungs. Together. We're the same. We're the same.
[The crisis finally passes]
Merrill: We should save the flashlights.

[The family is watching a news report about strange hovering lights in the sky] The nerds were right. It's like War of the Worlds.

[The TV news plays a Brazilian video, purporting to have a sighting, in which a bunch of Brazillian children excitedly block the view] Move, children! Vamanos! (the corpse like alien passes through a hedge gape a few feet away from the camera) Oh!!

Everybody in this house needs to calm down, eat some fruit or something.

They found the bird. It's head was crushed in.

You're wasting your time here! I'm not going to report this or anything you do to my crops. To the news or TV, or anybody. You're not going to get famous!

[Deleted scene: Merrill stands on a chair, struggling to hold the attic door shut from underneath as an alien tries to enter] This is a very temporary solution!