[There is silence at the last supper]
Graham: What's the matter with everyone. Eat.
Morgan: Maybe we should say a prayer.
Graham: No.
Morgan: Why not?
Graham: We're not saying a prayer.
Morgan: Bo has a bad feeling.
Bo: I had a dream.
Graham: We aren't saying a prayer. Eat!
Morgan: I hate you.
Graham: That's fine.
Morgan: You let Mom die.
Merrill: Morgan!
Graham: I am not wasting one more minute of my life on prayer. Not one more minute! Understood?
[Bo starts crying]
Graham: Now, we are going to enjoy this meal. No one can stop us from enjoying this meal, so ENJOY IT! Stop crying!
Merrill: Graham.
Morgan: Don't yell at her!
Graham: All right. Since you're all not going to eat, I'm going to try some of everything.
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