[With his flashlight, Merrill finds Graham holding Morgan, who's having an asthma attack]
Graham: We don't have his medicine. Don't be afraid, Morgan. We'll slow this down together. Feel my chest. Feel it moving in, and out. Breathe like me. Come on.
Bo: [sadly] I dreamed this.
Graham: Stay with me. I know it hurts. Be strong, baby. It'll pass. It'll pass.
[Bo draws up to Merrill]
Graham: [To God] Don't do this to me again. Not again. I hate you. I hate you. [To Morgan] The fear is feeding it. Don't be afraid of what's happening. Believe it's going to pass. Believe it! Just wait. Don't be afraid. The air is coming. Believe. We don't have to be afraid. It's about to pass. Here it comes. Don't be afraid. Here comes the air. Don't be afraid, Morgan. Feel my chest. Breathe with me. Together. The air is going in our lungs. Together. We're the same. We're the same.
[The crisis finally passes]
Merrill: We should save the flashlights.
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