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She-Devil quotes

38 total quotes

Bob Patchett
Mary Fisher
Olivia Honey
Ruth Patchett/Vesta Rose

[speaking to Ruth] I don't even think you're a woman! You know what you are? You're a she-devil!

Because that is the real world, Mary, so wake up and smell the cappuccino!

Some women are born beautiful. They make it look easy. But most women have to put a little time and effort into their appearance. And then there are those of us who need all the help we can get. Like me.

Hey, can I have some salt and Perrier? I just spilled my wine on Mary Fisher, you know, the famous author!

[reading from one of Fisher's novels] "She entwined her limbs about him, as ivy might wrap itself around some massive pillar. When his love nectar was spent, they drifted into the bliss of sleep."

Mary Fisher, I hope your pink palace crumbles into the sea. I hope your delicate white skin breaks out in hives and your shiny blonde hair falls out at the root!

Mary Fisher's mother had been enjoying a long, untroubled sleep. It was time to wake her up.

Sad Mary Fisher. She's learning that men that burn so hot for a mistress cool off fast when the mistress starts acting like a wife.

I've always found that justice serves those who serve themselves.

Poor Bob, I almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

So it's true people really can change. Of course you can't expect miracles.

It's picture time! [sets Olivia on the Xerox machine]

Passion. Excitement. I think that it's important in a long-term relationship, and that's what I think women find from my novels. They find ways to make their man feel important and comfortable, to let him know that he is... the man. You know, so there's no confusion.

All the little families. Mummies and daddies and dear little children tucked away for the night. [begins crying] How lucky they all are!

Someone get this deranged woman out of here!