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Art Blank
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Dr. Heffner: [First lines of the movie] Subject's name is John Kramer. 52 year-old male, caucasion. He's seen better days.

Fisk: The crime scene photographer's flash picked up this bullet casing. It was lodged between the body and the device.
Hoffman: Run it for prints.
[Strahm and Perez enter]
Lindsey Perez: The lock was open. She couldn't get out.
Hoffman: It was constructed for her exectution. Betrayed the rules.
Lindsey Perez: Not a Jigsaw trap then.
Hoffman: No. Amanda Young, the accomplice--
Peter Strahm: This wasn't done by Amanda Young.
Detective Hoffman: Excuse me?
Peter Strahm: Detective Kerry weighed aproximately 130 lbs. Amanda Young's arrest report has her at 107. She couldn't get her up there alone.
Detective Hoffman: John Kramer was--
Peter Strahm: A bedridden cancer patient? He's brains, not brawn.
Hoffman: He was also an engineer. He could have rigged pulleys--
Strahm: Or someone else could have helped him.
Hoffman: Special agent, if you're here for any other reason than just to assist--
Peter Strahm: We're here to help find who your department couldn't, detective: the one helping Jigsaw and Amanda Young.

[In Rigg's FEEL WHAT I FEEL test.]
Peter Strahm: He's been identified as Ivan Landsness. Aquitted of rape three times. Had to gouge out his own eyes in order to release himself.
Lindsey Perez: How does something like this get into a motel room undetected?
Peter Strahm: Piece by piece.
SWAT Pete: The room's been rented for the past six days to a lawyer named Art Blank. Get this: he went missing two weeks ago.
Peter Strahm: Run his name, get his addresses. Two of the five people on Rigg's apartment walls are dead. Every partner he's ever worked with--dead.
Lindsey Perez: Rigg didn't kill Ivan. Ivan made his own choice. Isn't that the whole Jigsaw mantra?
Peter Strahm: This wasn't about Ivan. It wasn't his test. [Points to the FEEL WHAT I FEEL on the door] It was about Rigg. [Takes two photos] Look at these photos. Tell me how you feel. Look at these women and tell me how you feel.
Lindsey Perez: Angry. Enraged.
Peter Strahm: Exactly. The pimp, the rapist-- Jigsaw wanted Rigg to see what he sees. He wants him to feel what he feels. This wasn't about Rigg saving his friends. He's being recruited.

You know never to go through an unsecured door. Ever.

[To Rigg] We chose this. Go home.

It's time to let go.

[About Rigg] Everyone around him keeps dying.

[To Art whilst strapped to a chair] You ****ing hear me, you ****ing mother****er?

Game over.

Eric [Matthews] is still out there.

[Whilst Brenda is trying to kill him] I just saved your ****ing life!

[Discovering Ivan is a serial rapist] Is this what you do with your spare time?

[To Morgan] You have to save yourself.

[After Eric is killed at 00:01 seconds until his freedom] I had more time. I still had ****ing time!

[Audio only; Eric's last words in Saw II] I'LL ****ING KILL YOU!! YOU ****ING BITCH!!!