[In Rigg's FEEL WHAT I FEEL test.]
Peter Strahm: He's been identified as Ivan Landsness. Aquitted of rape three times. Had to gouge out his own eyes in order to release himself.
Lindsey Perez: How does something like this get into a motel room undetected?
Peter Strahm: Piece by piece.
SWAT Pete: The room's been rented for the past six days to a lawyer named Art Blank. Get this: he went missing two weeks ago.
Peter Strahm: Run his name, get his addresses. Two of the five people on Rigg's apartment walls are dead. Every partner he's ever worked with--dead.
Lindsey Perez: Rigg didn't kill Ivan. Ivan made his own choice. Isn't that the whole Jigsaw mantra?
Peter Strahm: This wasn't about Ivan. It wasn't his test. [Points to the FEEL WHAT I FEEL on the door] It was about Rigg. [Takes two photos] Look at these photos. Tell me how you feel. Look at these women and tell me how you feel.
Lindsey Perez: Angry. Enraged.
Peter Strahm: Exactly. The pimp, the rapist-- Jigsaw wanted Rigg to see what he sees. He wants him to feel what he feels. This wasn't about Rigg saving his friends. He's being recruited.
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