Fisk: The crime scene photographer's flash picked up this bullet casing. It was lodged between the body and the device.
Hoffman: Run it for prints.
[Strahm and Perez enter]
Lindsey Perez: The lock was open. She couldn't get out.
Hoffman: It was constructed for her exectution. Betrayed the rules.
Lindsey Perez: Not a Jigsaw trap then.
Hoffman: No. Amanda Young, the accomplice--
Peter Strahm: This wasn't done by Amanda Young.
Detective Hoffman: Excuse me?
Peter Strahm: Detective Kerry weighed aproximately 130 lbs. Amanda Young's arrest report has her at 107. She couldn't get her up there alone.
Detective Hoffman: John Kramer was--
Peter Strahm: A bedridden cancer patient? He's brains, not brawn.
Hoffman: He was also an engineer. He could have rigged pulleys--
Strahm: Or someone else could have helped him.
Hoffman: Special agent, if you're here for any other reason than just to assist--
Peter Strahm: We're here to help find who your department couldn't, detective: the one helping Jigsaw and Amanda Young.
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