Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3 quotes

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Chief Inspector Lee
Detective James Carter

I wouldn't say nothing. He has me. His brother from another mother.

You Asian! Stop humiliating yourself!

I need a big suite, two beds, two showers, a massage therapist, some new clothes and a case of Old Spice.

Lee. I got a big problem, man. This guy's on steroids. He got a head like Barry Bonds.

We almost killed your ass! Why you didn't move? I would like for you to meet our dates for tonight, Marsha and Zoe. Fat one's yours.

Sorry, Lee. You can't be black. There's a height requirement.

I don't know what you feedin' him, but he is too damn big!

Carter: For your information, I'm half-Chinese now. That's right, Lee. For the last three years, I've studied the ancient teaching of Buddha, earning two black belts in Wushu martial arts, spending every afternoon at the Garden Massage Parlor in Pico and Bundy. I'm half-Chinese, baby.
Lee: If you're half-Chinese, I'm half-black. I'm your brother and I'm fly. You down with that, Snoopy? That's dope, isn't it?
Carter: Sorry, Lee. You can't be black. There's a height requirement.

Carter: You know what I think? I think you feel sorry for this guy. Maybe Kenji didn't get away in L.A. Maybe you let him go.
Lee: The Yakuza killed his family in Tokyo. He was sent to China when he was seven. He was put in Chenzou, the orphanage where I grew up. We kept each other alive.
Carter: You protected each other and you still protecting him.
Lee: I called him Shoung Dih. He was like my brother. And then, I left him.
Carter: You were adopted. What choice did you have?
Lee: He ended up on the streets. You could never understand.
Carter: I understand. I got a brother, too. My little brother, Perry. We used to be best friends. Now we don't even speak. He thinks I tipped off the cops about the chicken fights in his garage. Can you believe that? My own brother think I'm a snitch. Just because my chicken lost in the semifinals. I didn't even really care.
Lee: Carter.
Carter: He had to fight a chicken that didn't make his weight. And he still went the distance. He had a lot of heart. And he was delicious.
Lee: It's best if I do this on my own. This fight's personal.
Carter: Look, I'm-a help you, man. And I'm-a tell you right now. Whatever Kenji's trying to tell you, it ain't true. He ain't your brother.
Lee: And you're not my brother.
Carter: Fine. I'm not your brother.