Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3 quotes

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Chief Inspector Lee
Detective James Carter

Fine. I'm not your brother.

Sister, you tell this piece of S-word that I will personally F-word him up.

Do you know who I am? Detective James Carter, LAPD. My family owns half of Chrenshaw Boulevard.

Yu: May I help you?
Carter: We'll be askin' the questions, old man. Who are you?
Yu: Yu.
Carter: No, not me, you.
Yu: Yes, I am Yu.
Carter: Just answer the damn questions, who are you?
Yu: I have told you.
Carter: Are you deaf?
Yu: No, Yu is blind.
Carter: I'm not blind, you blind.
Yu: That is what I just said.
Carter: You just said what?
Yu: I did not say what, I said Yu!
Carter: That's what I'm askin' you!
Yu: And Yu is answering!
Carter: Shut up! (turns to personnel) You!
Yu: Yes?
Carter: No, not you, him! (to personnel) What's yo' name?
Mi: Mi.
Carter: Yes, YOU!
Mi: I am Mi!
Yu: He is Mi, and I am Yu.
Carter: And I'm about to whoop your old ass, man, 'cause I'm sick of playin' games! (points to everyone in the room) You, me, everybody's ass around here! (points to tall student) Him--I'm-a kick his ass, I'm sick of this!

If you're half-Chinese, I'm half-black. I'm your brother and I'm fly. You down with that, Snoopy? That's dope, isn't it?

The ambassador is my responsibility!

Sorry. I don't know him.

I'm not constipated anymore!

Oh, shit.

You're glad we're not in Hong Kong. Phone book is twice as big.

Maybe we should put on a dirty movie.

My ass still hurts.

For your information, I'm half-Chinese now. That's right, Lee. For the last three years, I've studied the ancient teaching of Buddha, earning two black belts in Wushu martial arts, spending every afternoon at the Garden Massage Parlor in Pico and Bundy. I'm half-Chinese, baby.

In case you missed it, man, people are trying to kill me! I'm covered in shit and some French cops whupped my ass with some yellow pages, man. So don't tell me it ain't none of my business!

Lee, I'm in trouble. I need some assistance!