Rounders quotes

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Lester "Worm" Murphy
Mike McDermott
Teddy KGB

Hey! If you want to see this seventh card you're gonna stop speakin' ****in' Sputnick.

Why do you think the same nine people end up at the final table at the World Series of Poker? Are they the nine luckiest guys in Vegas?

Very ag-re-essive.

Kid's got alligator blood.

Abe Petrovsky: We can't run from who we are. Our destiny chooses us.

Mike: It was a real blood game over at KGB's place.
Worm: You sat down with the mad Russian and he emptied your pockets??

Worm: Just like the saying says, you know? In the poker game of life, women are the rake. They are the ****ing rake.
Mike: What the **** are you talking about? What saying?
Worm: I don't know. There oughta be one.

[before inviting Worm up to his place]
Mike: All right, listen. Things haven't been so smooth on the homefront, so tone it down a litte, alright?
Worm: Tone down what, mother****er?
Mike: Great, nevermind..

Zegoush: Hey, Worm. They allow people like you into places like this?
Worm: You know what? Zegoush, when you get yourself a job then you can be my ****in' P.O.

Mike: Alright, I'll call the two grand. I'll gamble. Don't splash the pot.
KGB: You're on a draw, Mike? Go away, this one not good for you. And in my club, I will splash the pot WHENEVER THE **** I PLEASE.

Worm: [to Mike] I want to talk to you. Let's get some soup.
Joey: Look who he's treatin' to a free meal. Don't let that MSG **** up your head more than it is, Mikey.
Worm: You know what? You keep grinding out that rent money, Joe. That's noble work you're doing.

Mike: So, uh, Nick the Greek, what's with kiting my checks?
Worm: I'm on empty.
Mike: How much was the hooker?
Worm: Mike, please! "Relaxation therapist!"

Worm: Hey, you know what cheers me up when I'm feeling shitty?
Mike: What?
Worm: Rolled-up aces over kings.
Mike: Is that right?
Worm: Check-raising stupid tourists and taking huge pots off of them.
Mike: Yeah?
Worm: Stacks and towers of checks I can't even see over. Playing all-night, high-limit Hold'em at the Taj, "where the sand turns to gold."
Mike: **** it, let's go.
Worm: Don't tease me.
Mike: Let's play some ****ing cards!

Worm: C'mon. I'll play you "Horse". Fifty bucks a letter.
[tosses basketball to Mike]
Mike: Yeah? When I win are you going to pay me back with my own ****ing money?
[throws basketball back to Worm quite hard]
Worm: Woah, woah. Easy. Relax. Don't wing it, you know? Just step and throw.
[tosses ball back to Mike, Mike purposefuly tosses it away from Worm]
Worm: You need to work on your accuracy, you know that?

Hooker: Hey, boys.
Worm: Hi.
Hooker: You cops? You look like cops.
Worm: No, we're not cops.
Hooker: You want a twirl then?
Worm: No, no. We're just here to see "Grandma".
[Hooker lets them in]
Worm: Jesus...