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Chris Knight
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Professor Hathaway

[to prospective employers] I'm sorry. It's just that I didn't want you guys to think I was stuffy. You know, no fun. All brain no penis.

Telstar! Wow! Isn't that the satellite that's raining debris all over Europe?

Put simply, in deference to you Kent, it's like lasing a stick of dynamite.

It's easy to lie to you, Mitch, you trust people. I'm a cynic.

Ok, calm down, let's just take a step back... No wait, take a step forward... Now take a step back... And a step forward.. And now we're Cha Cha-ing.

Relax. That's just the fuses at the substation, they'll have it back on in a minute. Maybe I shouldn't have shorted across the building transformer. But more important: did we get a charge?

Okay, given the kind of people you are and the environment you're in, you have to admit the strong probability that this could be the only time in your entire lives to have sex.

You rented out my room!? Mom, to who?!

Being snubbed by beauticians is not my idea of relaxing.

Cut the crap Kent, you've built a weapon.

Now you listen to me, Jesus. This is Jerry's house, we're very close, so if you're not going to answer me, then I'm going in ...

Hello? Hello, Jesus?... He hung up...

I've got news for you, Knight. You're not number one around here anymore. Mighty Mouse over here beat your placement scores by more than twenty points.

I was hot and I was hungry

Mitch, there's something you need to know. Compared to you, most people have the IQ of a carrot.