Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

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[Jack is still somewhat dopey from being knocked unconscious by Will; the pirates prepare to riddle him with bullets.]
Pintel: You're supposed to be dead!
Jack Sparrow: [Blinks confusedly] Am I not? [Sees that he's surrounded] Palulay! [pauses, then tries again] Pah-lah-lah-loo-loo...
[The pirates pause, confused.]
Jack Sparrow: Par-li-li, Par...snip, par...sley, puh- partner, partner, par-
Ragetti: Parley?
[Pintel glares at him.]
Jack Sparrow: Yeah! That's the one; parley! [calling out] Parley!
Pintel: [looking at Ragetti] Parley?! [looks up at Jack and aims his pistol at him] Damn to the depths with whoever invented parley!
Jack Sparrow: That would be the French.

You need to find yourself a girl, mate. Or, perhaps the reason you practice three hours a day is that you've already found one, and are otherwise incapable of wooing said strumpet. You're not a eunuch, are you?

Barbossa: I must admit, Jack, I thought I had you figured. But it turns out you're a hard man to predict.
Jack Sparrow: Me, I'm dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for. Because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly...stupid.

Elizabeth: Captain Barbossa, I am here to negotiate the cessation of hostilities against Port Royal.
Barbossa: There be a lot of long words in there, miss. We're naught but humble pirates. What is it that you want?
Elizabeth: I want you to leave and never come back.
Barbossa: I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request.
[Elizabeth gives him a blank look
Barbossa: Means "no."

Prisoner: [after a cannon blasts only his cell open, leaving Jack trapped] My sympathies, friend. You've no manner of luck at all.

Elizabeth: So that's that story of the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow? [through her teeth] You spent three days here...lying on a beach...drinking rum?
Jack Sparrow: [pauses, then offers her rum] Welcome to the Caribbean, love.

Mr. Sparrow, you will accompany these fine men to the helm and provide us with a bearing to Isla de Muerta. You will then spend the rest of the voyage contemplating all possible meanings of the phrase "Silent as the grave." Do I make myself clear?

[Will points sword at Jack.]
Jack: Put it away, son. It's not worth you getting beat again...
Will: You didn't beat me. You ignored the rules of engagement! In a fair fight, I'd kill you!
Jack: Well, then that's not much incentive for me to fight fair then, is it?

Pintel: [discovering Elizabeth] 'Ello, poppet.

Lt. Gillette: [after Elizabeth asks him to tell Norrington that Barbossa's crew can't be killed] Oh, he already knows. A little mermaid flopped up on deck and told him the whole story.

Jack Sparrow: I know those guns! [looks out the window] ...It's the Pearl.
Prisoner: The Black Pearl? I've 'eard stories. She's been preyin' on ships and settlements for near ten years. Never leaves any survivors.
Jack Sparrow: No survivors? [chuckles] Then where do the stories come from, I wonder?

Parlay. I invoke the right of parlay. According to the Code of the Brethren, set down by the pirates Morgan and Bartholomew , you have to take me to your Captain.

Jack: I'm havin' a thought here, Barbossa. What say we run up a flag of truce, I scurry over to the Interceptor, and I negotiate the return of your medallion, eh? What say you to that?
Barbossa: Now, y'see, Jack, that's exactly the attitude that lost you the Pearl. People are easier to search when they're dead. Lock him in the brig.
[Barbossa's men take Jack away, Barbossa takes his apple from him, and looks at it wistfully before angrily throwing it away]

For too long I've been parched of thirst and unable to quench it! Too long I've been starvin' to death and haven't died! I feel nothing! Not the wind on my face, nor the spray of the sea... nor the warmth of a woman's flesh...

If all I have achieved here is that the hangman will earn two pairs of boots instead of one, so be it. At least my conscience will be clear.