Lieutenant Groves: That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen.
Norrington: [Angrily, through his teeth] So it would seem.
Pintel: We know you're 'ere, poppet!
Ragetti: P-poppet.
Pintel: Come out...and we promise we won't hurt you.
Ragetti: Eh? [points to his nose, then points downward]
Pintel: We will find you, poppet. You've got somethin' of ours, and it calls to us.
[Silence, then Pintel speaks.]
Pintel: The gold calls to us.
Ragetti: G-gold...
[A few seconds later, Pintel peeks inside the closet door Elizabeth is hiding behind.]
Pintel: [grinning] 'Ello, poppet.
Pintel: [talking to Will] No reason to fret, just a prick in the finger, few drops of blood...
Twigg: No mistakes this time; he's only half Turner. We spill it all!
Pintel: ...Guess there is reason to fret.
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