Phantom of the Opera, The (2004)

Phantom of the Opera, The (2004) quotes

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Christine Daaé
Madame Giry
Meg Giry
Raoul De Chagny
The Phantom
Ubaldo Piangi

Damn you! You little prying Pandora! You little demon! Is this what you wanted to see? Curse you! You little lying Delilah! You little viper! Now you cannot ever be free!

Stranger than you dreamed it, can you even dare to look or bear to think of me?

Pity comes too late! Turn around and face your fate: an eternity of this before your eyes...

Down once more to the dungeons of my black despair, down we plunge to the prison of my mind. Down that path into darkness deep as hell!

Why, you ask, was I bound and chained in this cold and dismal place? Not for any mortal sin but the wickedness of my abhorrent face!

Hounded out by everyone. Met with hatred everywhere. No kind words from anyone, no compassion anywhere... Christine! Why? Why!

His life is now the prize which you must earn.

Too late for turning back, too late for prayers and useless pity...!

Take him, forget me, forget all of this... Leave me alone. Forget all you've seen. Go now, don't let them find you.

Christine, I love you...

Fear can turn to love - you'll learn to see, to find the man behind the monster, this... repulsive carcass, who seems a beast, but secretly dreams of beauty. Secretly... secretly...

I gave you my music... Made your song take wing... and now, how you've repaid me: denied me and betrayed me...

Sing once again with me our strange duet. My power over you grows stronger yet.

Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in to the power of the music that I write, the power of the music of the night.

Sing, my angel of music!